eBay UK tweaks View Item page

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Of particularly good news to business sellers is that advertisements will no longer show up on their listings (except in the Motors category).

The number of items sold is now being displayed at the top of the listings, as is the item number. The item description has been made “more accessible”: if anyone can figure out what that means, please leave a comment!

Item location and post-to destinations have been moved underneath the postage costs. That seems to make sense, but they’re in a very, very small font: eBay UK’s community manager has, however, confirmed that the text will be “updating the size of the item location”.

What do you think? Better, worse or decidedly indifferent? Should eBay be fiddling with anything at all this close to Christmas? Leave us a comment.

5 Responses

  1. Sue,

    I am not convinced that (quite apart from the text sizes that you mention):

    a) we are all seeing the same thing
    b) what we are seeing is the finished article

    Any chance of a screen shot of the new page?

    If you want to see how listings ‘used to look’ then view them from a different eBay site.

    eBay should not be fiddling with such things just now.

    And it is not the only fiddling either, item specifics in particular.

  2. I’m glad that the ads are going – I recently had a mini shopping spree and found the video ads in listings (with a dog pawing at the screen etc) particularly irritating when browsing.

  3. “Request – the item number on ebay is now very, very small, any chance of
    making it larger, customers having problems finding it.” sent to me from the office earlier.

  4. ebay has been mucking around with the relisting system(or is it just me affected?). I find it takes about twice as long to relist and for the life of me I cannot see any possible advantage to the change. It used to take seconds now at one stage it talks about it taking minutes to process. Do the ebay “experts” not realise that Christmas this year is the 25th December and it is total lunacy to change anything this close to Christmas.



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