Merry Christmas

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  1. And a very Happy Christmas to you too!

    Me: Now, all these crappy presents? – ah I sniff an FLD day, weekend, week, year…. you know one of those any start price ones where you can list at a BIN price with no risk …. sorted.

    Wise one: But surely if it’s free to list everyone else will list their crappy presents too? And the site will be filled with, well err…. crap? Anything free is usually not really much worth having.

    Me: That perhaps is why we still have last year’s crappy presents?

    Wise one: There’s always the Charity Shops or November 5th.

    Me: Nah its free to list, give it another go. eBay keeps doing it, it must be good.

    The end.

    Make Christmas a good’n folks.

  2. Happy Christmas to everyone on tame bay and thanks for good advice and help through the year.
    This is a fabulous site.
    Its essential for all sellers IMHO

  3. Humbugs, no ta, full up from too much food.

    Where did today go? Why am I on Tamebay on Christmas day?

    …because it’s a fab blog that’s why!

    Merry Christmas Sue & Chris and all Tamebay readers, thank you for making 2010 worth reading about. May 2011 be everything you wish for!

    Time for a tipple or 5 😀

  4. This site is getting better all the time with all the VAT comments, but don’t forget that The Goodies are on BBC2 every night all this week.

  5. Shouldn’t that caption on the picture be “I’m gonna flog these darn lights on ebay – but I’ll probably end up listing and re-listing and re-listing and re-listing them with no buyers only re-listing fees” Another Happy New Year for Ebay

  6. Found something far more entertaining for Christmas day on Channel 242 on Sky. Solid Trainspotting programmes back to back for most of the day. Absolute Heaven. Then there was an advert, an ebay advert, stating Free Listings until January the something. So I dragged myself away from the TV and moved to the Computer.

    Not a mention of the Free Listings on ebay. Nothing, Nowhere. So I tried to relist an item and sure enough it came up as a Free Listing. So I did another and another. Free Listings on ebay from Christmas Day to January the something. Yet I do not know how many or if there are any conditions. But my items relisted for Free. So if you are close to your Computer and there is nothing on the TV that interests you(the Trainspotting programmes ended at 8pm – but there is Test Cricket on later and through the night) then have a try and see if you can also get Free Listings.

  7. Free listings on UK site from link at top of home page.

    Up to 100 free listings between now and 6th Jan. T&C’s confused. ‘Up to 5 free upgrades per listing’ but clicking through says chargeable. Care needed!!

  8. Hi JD. When I first looked on ebay on Christmas Day(the 25th) There was no mention anywhere of the Free Listings. I only looked because I saw the ebay advert on TV. I will agree that today(the 26th) the Free Listing is mentioned everywhere on ebay. But on the 25th when I first looked there was nothing.


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TikTok ADVENT brings festive cheer to your ForYouPage

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Merry Christmas

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