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We’ve all become accustomed to sprouting dog ears with a slobbery tongue or changing up our hair colour and style with Snapchat lenses, but now they’ve gone one step further with the power of Generative AI to bring us Snapchat Dreams.

In Snap’s own words, Snapchat Dreams allow you to create fantastical images and try on new identities, whether that be a mermaid in a deep-seascape, or a renaissance era royal!

To start, the feature lets you use your own face to create up to eight of these Generated AI selfies. Coming soon, because Snap know that Snapchatters love bringing their friends into the equation, Snapchat Dreams will let feature you and any friend who has also opted in.

To get started, head to Memories, where there’s a new tab for Dreams. With a few selfies, you can create a personalised Generative AI model and start checking out your Dreams. Your first eight are complimentary, and you can make more with an in-app purchase. It’s first available starting slowly in Australia and New Zealand, and coming to Snapchatters globally over the next few weeks.

Don’t expect instant results however, once you’ve started the creation process, it can take up to 30 minutes for your dreams to be created. Don’t worry though, you’ll be notified as soon as they are ready.

This is just the start of Snap rolling out more Generative AI features, expect to see more in the future and of course expect to see more opportunities to make in-app purchases to make use of them.

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