Experienced CEO appointed at eSellerPro

It’s only a few months since eSellerPro received a £2m investment from Notion Capital and now a new CEO has been appointed. Keith Bird joins eSellerPro as CEO from his position as VP at SonicWALL, a company specialising in Internet security.

Since Notion Capital invested in eSellerPro in they have been advising the company on how to scale the business quickly and globally to capitalise in both the European and US markets. The new CEO will be tasked with maximising this potential and managing ever more rapid expansion for eSellerPro.

eSellerPro already boast 100% year on year growth since the software was launched in 2006. Commenting on the explosive growth eSellerPro investor Ben White, co-founder of Notion Capital said “Although fantastic in terms of potential sales, it creates a real management challenge which is why we are very excited to have Keith on board as his experience in managing fast growing companies will be invaluable.”

Former CEO and owner of Sandbourne Systems, eSellerPro’s parent company, Chris Farrelly will move to the role of CTO. Having grown the company and established it as a leading provider of advanced ecommerce software becoming Technology Officer makes perfect sense making way for an experienced CEO to take the company forward.

Under Keith’s tenure the headcount at SonicWall increased by 150% and annual sales grow by more than 140% in five years. Keith said “Coming from SonicWALL I am used to fast-growth businesses, but this is something else. eSellerPro is already handling more than £500,000 in transactions every day and there is strong demand from customers all over the world. The UK online retail market continues to expand fast, with latest annual growth estimating a 12.45% increase from £49.8bn in 2009 to £56bn in 2010 – so the next few years should prove to be very exciting for eSellerPro.”

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Howdy, That’s excellent news, although he did start on the 4th ;-) Best wishes for Keith to get to grips with the expansion, solve the lack of customer support which has cost four businesses electing to leave eSellerPro recently or selecting other software providers. There are other providers that are hot-on-the-heels of eSellerPro. January is typically the time for companies to revaluate their position with service providers (amongst lots of other things), have you considered moving providers already this year? Matthew Note: For those whom are not aware, I worked for eSellerPro for almost 3 years and left in early 2010 due to being frustrated with the lack of internal structure. The software product itself is brilliant (I feel proud to boast that was involved with almost all sections as it grew), it was the support structure around it which was lacking and was a major factor in me sadly departing.

Matthew Ogborne • 12th January 2011 •

Hi Matthew Who are the other providers? I still feel there is a real gap for a descent multi-channel stock management software, which doesn't involve the commitment that channel advisor/ eSeller pro require.

Jimbo • 14th January 2011 •

Hi Jimbo, Two where Channel Advisor, one was 247 TopSeller and the fourth was a quite interesting, as they now use an add-on to Magento for their eBay and Amazon listing. Hope that helps, Matthew

Matthew Ogborne • 19th January 2011 •

Just looked at 247 TopSeller website have also noticed channelgrabber (who are advertising on here). Why do these companies not want us to know who they are? I can't find any details on there sites. Would you get into a bed with a stranger if you didn't even know there name?

Jimbo • 19th January 2011 •

Depends what gender they were

northumbrian • 19th January 2011 •

Hey Jimbo, I am the Managing Director of Channelgrabber. I understand your concerns of "getting in bed with strangers" and it is something we are working towards now. We have ran an open BETA since October which we completed very recently. We have been working on the feedback given and are very close to completion. Our main site is also undergoing a bit of an overhaul with lots of rich media being created and added over the next couple of weeks. If you want to know any further details or want to have a chat with me personally then give me a call tomorrow on 0161 209 3161 any time from 12 onwards. Kind regards, Daniel

Daniel Williams • 20th January 2011 •

Hi Daniel The point is I like to see a bit of info about a company and at least a phisical address on a website before I pick up the phone or email (and become a prospect). I'm sure many are like me.

Jimbo • 20th January 2011 •

Message received Jimbo, the site now has an about us section which gives a glimpse in to the company, the directors and address. Have a great day!

Daniel Williams • 20th January 2011 •

Well done. Hope the business does well. There certainly is a gap in the market. Maybe you Could get Chris Dawson to review your product? I've purchased a couple of products after reviews here. Comsulting's Bulk reviser, which has been very useful in the past, Bling it, oh and the F one, which we don't talk about.

Jimbo • 20th January 2011 •

What does "CTO" mean?

Elvis • 12th January 2011 •

CTO don't know!! CEO = chief Executive officer (ie: the Boss who the buck stops at!!)

Gerry007 • 12th January 2011 •

CTO = Chief Technology Officer

Chris Dawson • 12th January 2011 •

Job done, Chris!

Gerry007 • 13th January 2011 •

Chief Technology Officer

john • 13th January 2011 •

Great news for Keith. Nice to see someone from a sonicwall background moving to a position like this. Good luck to him in the future.

Sonicwall Expert • 13th January 2011 •

Sorry to hear that you have left ESP Matthew. We appreciated your help and support. Support in a fast growing business is a tough challenge. I'm with you in hoping that the new CEO and Notion really get to grips with it. It's also a key to finding routes to generate additional revenue. We met the guys from Notion before the investment and they had already understood the support frustration. John

John • 13th January 2011 •

I would love to see someone from these softwhere companies giving advice here rather than blowing their trumpets

northumbrian • 19th January 2011 •

Hey North and everyone, what topics would you like covered and which companies would you like more advice from? Happy to go ask people from whichever companies you like to guest post on whatever topics are of interest :-)

Chris Dawson • 19th January 2011 •

Multi-channel stock control/allocation. Useing sage as a back end for managing a multi chanel sales operation.

Jimbo • 19th January 2011 •

Given this is in my opinion the only worthwhile related eBay blog in the UK it would be nice if someone from eBay bothered to actually post on it.

Whirly • 19th January 2011 •

Are you sure that is possible though? On January 21, 2009 you stated this in regards to "free" advice:

nowts free free in business, is only a baited hook, to catch a bigger fish
So wouldn't any advice given by these companies ultimately be exactly what you accuse them of?

ebuyerfb • 20th January 2011 •

Royalmail paypal. Channel advisor ,e seller pro , Auctiva, inkfrog, packing partner, any one at all that has something useful and helpful to say concerning their product rather than someone manufacturing a post as a guise to gain exposure

northumbrian • 19th January 2011 •

how about someone from ebay or amazon paypal that is honest and brave enough to hear whet we really feel rather than hide behind biased moderation

northumbrian • 19th January 2011 •

I would guess that there are quit a few postys from eBay employees....

BigPoppa • 19th January 2011 •

Do you think? Rambo used to post and didn't run off crying when it got heated. Chris needs to invite Terry over to Tamebay.

Whirly • 19th January 2011 •