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Amazon have increased the number of carriers available for shipping in Seller Central. When you ship an Amazon order you can enter the Courier and shipping service along with the tracking number.

The number of pre-set options has now increased to 20 and there is still the choice to specify your carrier of choice if it’s not in the pre-populated list. Many of the carriers available on Amazon UK aren’t UK based services, but this makes sense as Amazon are having a real push to recruit sellers from one territory to sell on other Amazon country sites. Most noticeable in the UK is their efforts to encourage sellers to also list on Amazon Germany and Amazon France.

For those sellers who enter tracking numbers using a scanner to scan barcodes rather than typing the tracking number we’ve got a time saving tip. Use some free online software to create a barcodes for your particular carrier and the service options that you use. You can then scan the courier, the service option and then the tracking number barcode, instead of having to manually type or cut and paste into the relevant fields.

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  1. Well it is slightly comforting to see they have added Royal Mail. I have only shipped two parcels to FBA by special delivery – the first one took Ridgemont 3 weeks from arrival to process, and the second one arrived there over a week ago and they still have not found it.
    Having taken part in an Amazon webinar, they were at pains to point out there were no recommended carriers although the only Carriers with booked slots at Ridgemont were
    Fedex,DHL,Parcelforce,Parceline/DPD and TNT. None of these carriers will either accept jewellery or those who do will not insure jewellery. Infact looking at the insurance exclusions of some of these companies it is a wonder to me that anyone bar perhaps clothing sellers would actually use them.
    The word from Amazon FBA now my shipments keep go missing, is that although using Royal Mail is acceptable they strongly advise only using the carriers specified above. This flies in the face of the webinar advice which was reitterated twice and published
    afterwards. When I mentioned to FBA that none of these carriers insure jewellery and “what was the normal method of sending jewellery to FBA?”, they conceded that it was infact Royal Mail. The problem though with using Royal Mail was that all Royal Mail parcels come in together i.e. customer returns,FBA and inter Amazon mail and it means they have a problem sorting it out. I find this hard to believe but that is the line they are taking.


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