myHermes and Collect+ added to eBay options

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eBay have changed the postage options available to sellers to include myHermes and Collect+ as delivery choices. Both companies are now available as “Economy” options in both the Sell Your Item form and in TurboLister.

Sadly eBay still haven’t added Royal Mail Tracked, which is a service many eBay sellers are using, and have been using for a couple of years. Why eBay have managed to add two new couriers but haven’t managed to update the services available from the countries national postal service is more than a little strange.

For the moment sellers using Royal Mail Tracked will have to be content to picking the closest possible match for the service, but those using Collect+ or myHermes can at least let buyers know how their item will arrive.

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  1. It would be nice to have Interlink & DPD added to this list – a national carrier. My opinion of MyHermes is its a slow service, and I have not heard of Connect+, although reading about it, it sounds like a good idea, but hardly mainstream?

    RM Tracked is the only solution for medium to large ecommerce business, and I await its arrival on the drop down list. Its not 1st class (although its a better, more efficient service), and its better than 2nd class….so its a difficult currently to classify it.

  2. There’s a new Collect+ sign outside a shop in our village.

    I agree that more couriers should be added though or at least the option for other and write in your own.

  3. There’s a new Collect+ sign outside a shop in our village.

    I agree that more couriers should be added though or at least the option for other and write in your own along with the tracking number.

  4. Why not just add all major UK Couriers (YoDel (DHL/HDNL), UPS, Fedex & Fastrack) & only have 1 x other option

  5. data overload and code bloat
    a simple time scale ,and if it needs a signature or not, is all thats needed for every service,

  6. Agreed.

    Ebay should arrange their onshore postal service menu by timeframe to deliver from despatch. Example 1-2 days, 3-5 days, over 6 days. And then the same menu but signed for. That is all that is required.

    For offshore services it can read 3-8 days for Europe and 5-15 days for outside Europe and again the same menu but signed for.

    Thats a total of 10 shipping options.

    Incredibly simple but eBay have this routine behaviour of making things incredibly complicated!!!

    If a buyer wants a slower (cheaper)service then that is to be negotiated with the seller and not set out in multi menu complex buyer options. The first rule of selling is KISS (keep it simple stupid)

  7. On my website I have only one single UK shipping price regardless of what is purchased and don’t state any shipping time or type of service used. Its entirely at my discretion. No one has ever complained and I get return buyers. It can’t get more simple than that.

    Its eBay with its feedback and search system that forces shipping info to become hypersensative when in the real universe it need not be.

  8. Agreed , its over-complicated , and a time scale would work better.
    This could then include the sellers offering 1 hour delivery windows (with couriers such as interlink) , or 2 hour timed delivery slots ? Sellers offering such services could have selectable delivery time slots. Those not offering them would show an estimated delivery date based on whether they are using a next day or 3 day service. Sorted.

    Imagine how complicated this could end up if ebay add every possible delivery method to the list !

  9. “Imagine how complicated this could end up if ebay add every possible delivery method to the list !”
    too right! as sellers of unique items
    we spend our life choosing from category drop down lists, item specfics and options,

    we click like grasshoppers with a twitch

  10. ebay cant seem to grasp how a shop window works the window is to entice the buyer in, browse and find what suits them

    could you imagine a high street store putting every size, shape ,colour and,version in its shop window, every delivery method, and every payment method on its door

  11. LOL @ norf good way to start the day. Fanx.

    Call me paranoid if you wish but I believe (no proof) that eBay adds independent vendors based on what they get out of the deal.

    eg. In the USA UPS pays a commission to eBay, in return sellers get a somewhat discounted rate and UPS gets lots of new customers.
    USPS also gives a discounted rate and for a while endicia charged less (for the same service) than eBay. If I recall correctly eBay was charging more for delivery confirmation.


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