Relist Electronics and Photography with eBay Catalogue

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From today if you list in certain electronics and photography categories you’ll be need to start using eBay Catalogue data to provide additional information about your item.

Using eBay Catalogue has been mandatory in MP3 players and GPS systems for some time, and is now required where there is a matching product for: Mobile Phones; Digital Cameras; Camcorders; Lenses; Flashes; Tripods; Film Cameras and Video Game Systems.

You’ll also need to update all your un-ended Good Til Cancelled listings by the 17th of May or there is a risk that your listings could be automatically ended.

If you know the EAN number for your product you can use this to locate matching catalogue entries, or search by keyword. You will however need to verify that the catalogue entry is an exact match, especially for products which are bundles or have variations such as the memory size of an iPod.

You should also reconsider the use of the Sub-Title listing enhancement. Subtitles will always be shown to buyers on the View Item Page, but may not always be displayed in the new search experience for some catalogue based categories.

2 Responses

  1. Now where I have I seen this idea before?

    Something to do with rivers….., no can’t think of the name.

  2. One wonders what will happen come May 17th and the item that you are listing is not available in the ebay catalogue.
    Should you proceed at the risk of having the item automaticly ended.


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