1st (and 6th) most popular UK retailer is Amazon

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Amazon, Argos and Tesco are the three shopping sites most favoured by UK consumers according to the latest IMRG Experian Hitwise HOT 100 report. In fact Amazon are so popular they took 1st (amazon.co.uk) and 6th place (amazon.com) in the rankings.

Argos (argos.co.uk) grabbed second place with Tesco taking 3rd (tesco.com) and 11th with Tesco Direct (direct.tesco.com).

A notable transient entry are the Olympics with London 2012 Tickets (www.tickets.london2012.com) grabbing 35th spot, although they’re unlikely to retain the position next year for obvious reasons.

James Roper, CEO at IMRG, said “While there is a strong showing in the Hot Shops list from the largest and most successful pureplays, such as Amazon, Play.com and ASOS, it is the multichannel retailers that are benefiting from the biggest increases in website traffic. Even the newcomers to the online market are making huge strides up the rankings, with TK Maxx (83rd) recording an impressive gain.”

eBay are excluded from the list (as are shopping comparison engines and other aggregators), otherwise we’d expect to see them at the top of the list.

5 Responses

  1. Amazon are doing so well because they are organised and listen to both buyers and sellers.

    As a full time Internet seller I interact with other sellers on Amazon and EBay and have needed to contact customer support for both on several occasions.

    I feel a whole lot more confident buying and selling on Amazon, even though the ROI is less, and Amazon CS leaves eBay standing.

    I would love to abandon eBay completely and sell solely on Amazon. I won’t of course; I will continue to jump through hoops along with everybody else.
    Is it any wonder that Amazon is ranks so high?

    Amazon has a stability which eBay hasn’t. Its nice to know that what you see is what you get.

  2. Would eBay really be at the top of the list? I agree with Glen about amazon CS.

  3. Ebay have vastly improved over the years, with its service, especially account management. I thought the seller report received this week was very informative…good set of data. I noticed tamebay was mentioned.

    The beauty of amazon is that it is different to ebay. Would it not be boring if the two top players were the same? I also have to say amazon customer service is very good. They store all phone call conversations on the message log.

  4. “Ebay have vastly improved over the years”
    I don’t think so. Just look at the supposed latest improvement to at the Sold items page within SMP. The text is so small it’s next to impossible to read. Just who is this improvement supposed to be for?

    This screen will only ever be used by sellers with SMP it has no benefit whatsoever for buyers. So why make the process of selling harder?

    If eBay annoys its sellers with the constant rule and procedure changes (for no valid reasons) is it any wonder that they are so far behind Amazon as popular retailers.

    I’m a full time seller and sell on eBay because I make money, but I don’t like eBay very much.
    Until such time that eBay listen to what sellers actually want and not what they think sellers want they will always be in Amazons shadow.


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