Free auctions for Private Sellers this weekend on eBay UK

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This weekend is a free listing bonanza for Private Sellers on eBay UK. For the 7th and 8th May Private Sellers will have £0.00 insertion fees on Auction format listings with any starting price.

The promotion isn’t open to Business Sellers or those that are below standard, and as has become the norm professional listing tools such as TurboLister and Selling Manager are banned – you have to use the Sell Your Item form.

There are a few other exclusions so check the promotion page for full details.

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  1. Over the whole weekend from Friday afternoons posts to today, Monday afternoons post, I’ve only had one sale on eBay. Is anyone else having problems selling on eBay or is it just me.

  2. In the area that I operate auctions are realising around 66% of what they were for the same items earlier in the year. Basically I am not auctioning anything at the moment on eBay! Its pointless. I have seen brand new items go for less than wholesale price. The only auction sellers right now are surely those who are desperate and need money!

    Really eBay should offer free auction listings to all sellers for the next 3 months as a promotional offer. Then I might be tempted to auction starting at my bottom line. At the moment forget it as the chances are the item will remain unsold and I’ll loose the listing fee.

    Right now I wonder how many sellers are really comfortable using auctions for which a listing fee has been paid?

  3. My eBay shop is no longer making a profit. I can’t beleive all the eBay statements about growth and rising sales. I’m seeing rival eBay shops close up and moving stock to their websites. I’m thinking about closing my eBay shop as I’m paying fees and a monthly subcription for no gain at all.


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