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Andrew Senior is CEO of Total Commerce Management, who today launched a new pricing intelligence tool – Skuuudle. Prior to Skuuudle and TCM he built up and and sold a couple of businesses – an IT retail business that was followed by a IT distribution business.

However his career began selling IBM PCs when he ambitiously started his own business aged 23 selling PC parts to maintenance companies. Andrew’s one wish is that eBay and Amazon were around then!

We invited Andrew to be a guest on TameBay to tell us more about his latest venture – Skuuudle.

How to maximise profits with Skuuudle by knowing your competition

Wouldn’t you like to be one step ahead of the competition? Do you want to know exactly who all your competitors are, and how many there are? And wouldn’t it be helpful to know how much they are all charging for your products?

Of course you can do this manually, but it is time-consuming (and costly) and the information quickly goes out-of-date. There are companies who can automate competitive pricing intelligence, but they tend to be geared up for the big retailers and their products have been out of the reach of smaller companies.

Well not any more. From today there’s a new kid on the block. Skuuudle is a competitive pricing intelligence tool that is especially developed for small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses. Once your products have been uploaded to Skuuudle, we will search the market and report to you daily.

Skuuudle shows you exactly where to tweak your pricing so that your products fly off the shelves. We help you to find out:

  • Your closest competitors (this may surprise you!)
  • The price of your products in the wider marketplace
  • Where to increase prices and still remain competitive!
  • Our fully customisable reports enable you to rapidly make sense of information gathered on 1000’s of products and even build a rich store of data for deep historical analysis.

We’ll tell who your competitors for each product, and how much they are charging. This will show you exactly where to tweak your pricing (up or down) to help you increase sales and maximise margins.

We monitor all marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon for pricing, as well as your competitors own websites. All you need to do is upload your product list and Skuuudle will compare data on 1,000’s of products and unlimited competitors in just minutes and show the results displayed in your preferred format.

Skuuudle is part of Total Commerce Management and we have been tracking competitor pricing for over 7 years. We realised that there was nothing suitable for retailers like you who wanted something simple to use, easy to buy and with no long term commitment. So Skuuudle is very easy to use, we have standard reports or you can customise reports to suit you (with just the information that’s important to you) in a format that suits you. Initially we are launching in the UK, but other countries will be rolled out over the next few months commencing with the USA.

Skuuudle can be bought in simple packages that start at just £39 per month for 100 products – you pay monthly and you can stop whenever you like.

For a limited period we offering a free 30 day trial for up to 100 products – sign up for a free Skuuudle trial on our website.

10 Responses

  1. I’ve always wondered about services that claim to monitor your competitor’s own websites. There are actually laws to protect people against that sort of thing in the US. See “eBay vs Bidder’s Edge”. Using data collected from marketplaces themselves is usually OK and covered by license agreements.

    Otherwise it sounds like an interesting product. And that is coming from someone who competes in the same market.

  2. What does Skuuudle use to make the comparison? Do you need to match products manually or is Skuuudle searching on EAN or Sku? How would it work on products which have not been catalogued?

  3. Interesting but just another Terapeak? How does it match like for like products?

    It can’t be by title or ean or upc as these are either genrally not present or are different depending on seller/website.

  4. I tested this site, and visually looks very good. I followed the instructions, created the csv file and put in a popular item that I know from basic searches on google who sells it. They came back with zero results. Not very impressed at all

  5. Had a call from one of the guys at Skuuddle with some useful advise about the product searches. Data is now showing for my searches. If you are running reports, they queue overnight so you have to wait a bit (which is not a problem), but the site needs to say this to avoid confusion.

    I am going to look more into the data and see what it tells me and the view of my competitors. I will report back my views on the data, but signs are good.


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