eBay Plus voucher program ended

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eBay UK have announced the end of the eBay Plus promotion, where spending money on eBay earned you points which were converted into discount vouchers.

eBay Plus will end on 30th June (so if you’re got purchases to make on eBay spend your money before the end of the month), and a final voucher will be issued on the 3rd of July which you’ll need to redeem by the 2nd of August.

The equivalent program on eBay.com is eBay Bucks and this is not scheduled to end (as far as we know).

eBay Plus has always been in Beta since it’s introduction in 2009 as a trial programme. eBay say “Over the two years that the trial has run, we have looked at the effectiveness of the programme and listened to the participants’ comments. As a result of this, we have decided to end the trial – whilst continuing to develop initiatives that reward our customers.”

The program was to find out whether earning rewards for purchases made would be popular with our customers and doubtless it has been, at least I can confirm that I’ve always enjoyed spending my vouchers. The real question of course is did the program encourage buyers to spend more on eBay and I’m guessing as the program is about to end the answer is probably not.

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  1. Shame it’s going, I quite enjoyed it too.

    It never meant I bought more though.

    It was money for nothing really.

  2. I have sold and spent £10000’s on eBay over the years…I have no idea what this is…never seen an email or voucher?!?

  3. we once got points for selling it was over £500 quid never got it again though

  4. I didn’t realise i had any of these plus points until making a purchase one day , and got the surprise of getting the item for free.

  5. eBay quote:-

    “As a result of this, we have decided to end the trial – whilst continuing to develop initiatives that reward our customers.”

    Which customers?

    Those who pay the fees maybe and actually offer up the goods for sale?

    Why do eBay keep chasing buyers?

    If sellers had incentives to sell the buyers would appear regardless of any eBay buyer marketing incentives.

    Is there anybody who has not heard of ebay?

    Those who are over 18 and have not made a purchase on ebay by now are never likely to.

    Amazon seem to be growing faster than eBay right now. Do they have to keep coming up with buyer incentives?

    Maybe its becuase Amazon actually sell their own gear as well as that of third parties, understand their buyers, and have developed a user friendly site where you can actually find things!

    Can you imagine how ebay would have to change if they suddenly sold their own gear!!!

  6. I thought it was pretty good overall except that you didn’t get any points if you used a proxy bidding system and so I missed-out on a few hundred pounds as a result.

  7. It made me spend on ebay for all the items needed for business such as packaging, last round we had a £100 voucher!!! On top of that I get nectar card points to! Going to miss the little treat we used to have with the points and also may put me off buying some items on ebay now as the points were an incentive to buy it there rather than the suppliers own website!

  8. Whenever I got a voucher to spend I would reward myself with an auction item of clothing or some jewellery trinket. Nothing fancy or expensive, just FREE with my voucher. Trouble was, the item I spent it on always had a problem. Either not arriving or it being not as described. So when I was refunded (either by ebay/paypal or occasionally the seller,) the voucher was lost.
    It got to a point where I felt these vouchers were cursed!
    So I gave up trying to buy nice things from myself from private sellers and spent my vouchers on business purchases I would normally make from my regular suppliers instead.
    Go figure!

  9. I just saw on my ebay plus console that I received a “bonus” for being part of the scheme.
    5 points.



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