Breivik sourced chemicals and components on eBay

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Following the massacre on the Island of Utoya in Norway a fortnight ago on the 22nd July, The Telegraph now reveals Anders Behring Breivik used eBay to source armaments.

The Telegraph says he purchased with the User ID which he used to source chemicals, components and tools from around the world. Each of the purchases on it’s own looks fairly innocuous and it would be hard for eBay or the authorities to figure out what Breivik’s intentions were from the buying history alone.

It does open the question how easy is it to buy armaments on the Internet and Breivik himself said “eBay is your friend” in his “personal reflections and experiences” whilst preparing for the massacre.

The truth is that if someone really wants to source chemicals and components it’s almost impossible to stop them as there are plenty of legitimate uses. The Internet simply makes it easier.

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  1. I can go to any town high st shopping centre etc and buy a lot of everyday things that will harm people if misused its perfectly possible you could be battered to death with a tin of baked beans,[or gassed]
    though I cant buy a gun

    where did he get his hands on those ?

  2. there are whole train loads and truck loads of nasty things going up and down the country, surprises me we dont have bother with nutters hijacking them and causing trouble, though as most of the loonies are kept busy on ebay were probably safe

  3. I am surprised that the account, although NARU, is still visible on eBay.

    IMO, In the interests of taste and common decency all details should have been taken down.

    The eBay ‘contact member’ facility is still available.

    Items purchased from UK would have required a customs label. I would hazard that ‘sulphur’ did not appear.

    Although apparently not allowed on eBay, items used in pryotechnics seem to be available for sale. Some are not necesarily listed in a straightforward manner.

    Work for eBay methinks.

  4. yeah but lots of the old fashioned ones
    the odd doodle bug dropping in uninvited could spoil your evening

  5. There are many items in your cleaning cupboards that can be used too make a bomb. However to make a large blast you need common items in bulk.

    There are many tutorials on the net on pyrotechnics and explosive theorys.

    Just about every explosive recipe is out there. However all the materials are not avaliable too these nutters or joe public.

    There are loads of pyrotechnic stuff on ebay as someone has said.

    Btw is pyrotechnics eg fireworks making illegal in uk???

  6. i think some of the pyro ingredients have a max purchase by law in uk, i could be wrong.


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