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One of TameBay’s readers has spotted a new price promotion feature on one of the Fashion Outlet’s eBay listings. The price is displayed as “Was £28.00, You Save £20.01 (71%), £7.99“.

This is not the normal Markdown Manager sale available to all eBay shop owners on fixed price listings that have been running for longer than 28 days. This is a discount feature that appears to be available from day 1 on listings for a selected few sellers.

As an added bonus the strike through pricing isn’t just displayed on the seller’s listings, it also appears in search results in addition to the added bonus of the Outlet shop’s own logo.

Whether it is a new site feature available to Outlets, or whether it’s a pilot test with just one or two sellers which will be trialled and then may disappear again from the site, we don’t know. However I’m thinking that for any seller offering deep discounts on eBay this would be a very attractive feature to have access to and probably something you’d like to enable on your own eBay listings.

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  1. House of Fraser has had that for ages. And, as far as I can tell, the headline isnt searchable in results.

  2. So it’ll be like Groupon, sellers hiking their prices to show discounts. And this is a good thing?

  3. “So it’ll be like Groupon, sellers hiking their prices to show discounts”

    Ebay and some sellers have been doing some vary shady “sales” on the front page “big deals”. Basically faking regular prices to show huge % discounts, often increasing the price the same seller had on ebay to cover the “free shipping” too. A lot of the “regular” prices are either completely made up, or doing something like using an electronic items release price MSRP from years ago.

    The Advertising Standards council of Canada has recently ruled one sent to them violated multiple sections of the Canadian Adverting standards code. The ruling hasn’t been published yet, they leave time for an appeal. Another complaint has been submitted about ebay itself and will be ruled on eventually.

    The ASC is an industry group with no real power other then to publicize the violation and stop their media members from running the ads (ebay doesn’t advertise here anyway), but it won’t look too good for ebay if it gets publicized.

  4. This could be a useful feature in other areas than just fashion. I am thinking of Books. There are “Remainders” these are New Books being sold off cheap to clear Warehouse space.

    So you could have a Book with a Retail of say £19-99 being Remaindered for say £6-99. It could be very useful to be able to show this and have it appear in listings rather than just have to try to explain it in the description where it might be missed and does not have the same visual impact. I would need to be convinced that it would really make a differance on sales.



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