Video Guide: How Tradebox simplifies your accounting

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Tradebox have been providing accounts solutions for online retailers since March 2005. One of the few certified Sage developers in the UK they have created Finance Manager, as a natural bridge between online retail and Sage Accounts.

Tradebox imports your sales from online sales channels (e.g. fron eBay, Amazon, your own ecommerce website etc) and creates all of your financial entries in Sage Instant or Sage 50 Accounts software at the click of a button. Tradebox not only removes the data entry burden but also provides a streamlined back end and generates management information to identify what sells and what is profitable (and just as importantly what isn’t selling and what’s not profitable).

Tradebox also creates a full customer database of people that have purchased from you along with their contact details and a full record of which products they bought and when they bought them.

Tradebox have just created an overview video of Tradebox and Sage Accounts in action. If you’re looking for an accounts solution it’s well worth spending 12 minutes to view the video to decide if this is the answer to your accounting needs.

5 Responses

  1. Hi Chris,

    Who uses Sage these day? we where talking about this the other day and could not find anyone who uses it, has Tradebox shot itself in the foot.


  2. I use sage and Tradebox and would recommend the combination. Tradebox is the perfect way to get marketplace sales data into sage. Sage is a great product and well established. The reporting ability of Sage is briliant. Both Tradebox and Sage offer excellent levals of support.

  3. I like the idea of Tradebox, but have been waiting for over 2 yrs for their non-sage version to come out (I remember reading about this) – I guess they ditched this development, which is a shame, as I would defineatly use it.

    Sage is expensive, and has to be constantly updated (costing £££).

  4. I started with Sage instant plus in 2007 and upgraded to Sage financial manager (now called Sage accounts professional), which i picked up at PC World at less than half price.

    It was then i got tradebox and i can say that without any doubt, this was my best Software purchase for time saved vs cost.

    I can understand that if you do not use sage, then you have to weigh up the pro’s and con’s of completely changing your current processes, however that said, i would recommend at least having a look.

    Sage is not only an accounts package but as Jimbo mentions above, the reporting is excellent and i aslo use it for stock control & stock ordering as you can set re-order levels and re-order qty’s.

    Every Monday after running tradebox and processing the Sage transactions i check each supplier by running the shortall generator and it creates the order and i email it direct through sage to the supplier.

    I use sage to create the tent cards (including Barcode) for my B&M shop including the shop logo, I use sage to create the inventory Price & Qty file to upload to amazon.

    I have also set up sage to produce the shipping labels & stock picking lists including locations, although my staff do still use packing partner, but if that goes down or in the event of the ebay glitch last month where orders did not show in SMP, i was able to use sage to instead and it was down to Tradebox that i was aware of the “missing orders” as they showed up in sage but not in SMP.

    As Sage is now a big part of my business i am now signed up for the support which does include an upgrade to the latest version when it is released, which this year includes Sage Mobile which i have found quite useful when i am up my storage place and need to find the location of a particular item!!

    In my opinion, Sage have been and are adding functionality to their programme other than the accounts part, as this is where they can attract new customers.

    If anyone wants to have a closer look at sage and ask their developers and technitions face to face questions, they are running Sageworld in Manchester later this month and i think its free to attend, i went last year in Telford and i picked up some good info.

    all this of course is JMHO.




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