eBay’s part in Gaddafi’s Downfall

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Abdul Gargani, who lives in Manchester, left Libya and and Gaddafi’s hateful regime in 1976. But when the Arab Spring started to take hold in north Africa earlier in the year, Gargani wanted to do something to help his homeland and overthrow the Colonel.

At 57, he was too old to fight, so he came up with a different plan. “I wanted to be there,” Gargani said. “When we saw the news we wanted to go immediately. We didn’t expect Gaddafi to last six months.”

According to the Guardian, he taught himself to use eBay and bought an old ambulance which he then drove to Libya via Italy and Tunisia. In Libya he donated the ambulance to the Red Crescent and also drove it himself through shellfire, transporting wounded rebel soldiers.

And as we know, Gaddafi managed to hold on to power for quite a few months and Abdul Gargani wasn’t idle. He made two subsequent trips with vehicles he bought on eBay. The first was a desperately needed four wheel drive ambulance and the other a people carrier, all bought on eBay. Hurrah for Abdul Gargani!

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  1. Is he now planning to move his activities to Syria where there seems to be a desperate need for Ambulances?

  2. A few years ago there was a fully equiped(although decommissioned) Mobile Guided Weapons System that attended a few of the Traction Engine Rallies. It was an incredible device. But I understand that it could only do a few events because of the cost of fuel. Apparently it needed its own Oil Refinery to keep going. But it would have been ideal in Libya(after all they have their own Oil Refineries) all it would have needed was somebody with the right bits and the knowledge to get it all working again.

  3. 57 too old to fight? During the 20th Century there grew up the idea that War was a Young Mans thing. But this was not always true. Go back to 1066 How Old was King Harald Hardrada when he died at the Battle of Stamford Bridge?

    The story is that he stood in the middle of a bridge and single handed stopped the whole Saxon Army. He was finally killed when a Saxon floated down the river in a barrel and under the bridge thrust his spear up between the boards of the bridge into King Harald Hardrada.

    It was only at that point that the Saxon Army was able to get over the bridge and the massacre of the Viking Army really got going.

    Also stand outside almost any city centre pub on a Saturday night. It is not all youngsters fighting there are a number of 57 year olds as well.

  4. But Libya is to have its new goverment and law based on Sharia Law, so what was it all for (poor women, they’ve already re-legitamized polygamy). But that’s another discussion…

  5. Yael: We’ll see how it pans out in Libya. But crucially the Colonel is gone. Let’s hope a great liberal arab democracy is born. I have optimism, but that maybe misplaced. I do hope not.

    Chris: Harald Hardraada, your 57 year old warrior, was slaughtered at Stamford Bridge and did not take the throne of England. Evidence enough for me that he might have been better off supplying ambulances.

  6. Why am I thinking of one of Spike Milligan’s war autobiographies:

    Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall

  7. All of Gaul is under Roman control, except for one small village of indomitable Gauls that still holds out against the Romans.

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