How to sell to 10s of millions of Amazon customers

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How much do you know about the Amazon products and services available to you? Now’s the time to find out how you can access Amazon’s vast pool of customers and get your products in front of them.

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Amazon have released an updated “Build your Business with Amazon” brochure for 2011 covering the four main aspects of their business available for online retailers to access – Selling on Amazon across Europe and Fulfilment by Amazon to get your products delivered (next day at no cost for Amazon Prime customers and free to your buyers with Amazon SuperSaver delivery).

You can also find out about Amazon Europe Marketplaces Account and how Amazon’s European Fulfilment Network works as well as Amazon Webstore and Checkout by Amazon to enable buyers to checkout using their Amazon credentials on your website.

Partnering with Amazon gives you access to 10s of millions of customers in the UK, Germany, France and Italy and Amazon can pick and pack your inventory for you. Download the guide today to find out more about selling with Amazon.

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  1. As many will know Amazon is a good place to sell…..but as many will know their A-Z system is punishing and impossible to control. Once a buyer opens a case you are screwed, it’s a blot on your stats. Go over 1% and a big red cross appears and kiss goodbye to your account (after some rather polite emails from some automated system saying thanks for selling on Amazon, but we are kicking you off if you don’t improve!). Patronising to say the least. Thing is (unlike eBay) there is no appeals process worth taking about. The guys on the phone have no power to sort these things out.

    I have problems mainly with foreign buyers. Parcels are tracked, and sometimes if they don’t pick them up from the depot, they never email me, they just A-Z me. Also I hate the fact that you can’t block people or countries (ESP African countries)…cancel the order and see those order defect stats rise!

  2. Yes, the A to Z program allows Amazon buyers to order goods, claim they are incorrect and without providing ANY evidence whatsoever, file an A to Z claim immediately upon receipt, demand the “correct item” is issued, while still keeping the alleged incorrect item. Then Amazon give them a refund.
    So, two items for the price of one AND a refund. Not bad for 5 minutes work.

    As you can probably guess, this happened to me. Stock levels were correct and there was no way this customer received incorrect items. The idea was to get him to return them (freepost) same time as “correct” items were being issued. Buyer never returned the items, so it compunds the fact he DID receive the right items.
    Amazon sided with him 100%, so we lost two items and the money.
    His word was good enough, whereas ours counted for absolutely nothing despite several YEARS of selling on there without hitch.

    Ebay is harsh, Amazon is king of harsh.

  3. I tried selling using Amazon and was horrifed at just how terrible an experience it is. Policies are highly restrictive and unwieldly. I have told countless people to not bother buying as it can be found 30%+ cheaper elsewhere and to not even think about selling with them as it will be an utter disappointment at best. I am not surprised that they have to advertise to get more business on. I once read, in an official board level retail industry report, that it costs more than 10 times more to get new customers than it does to keep the ones you already have. They should think about this.


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