Fixed price listings from Australia now visible on eBay UK

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If you sell on eBay Australia then there’s good news for you, fixed price listings from Australian sellers who currently offer shipping to the UK now automatically appear in search results on eBay UK.

UK Sellers items may also appear on eBay Australia, as do some listings from For the last few years cross border trade has become increasingly important to eBay and making items visible to buyers around the world makes a lot of sense – often one country site will have unique inventory which simply isn’t available in other countries, or which is in short supply.

If you want a didgeridoo or a boomerang you’ll now start to see goods on eBay UK from Australia along with more every day products available from sellers down under.

3 Responses

  1. Something is very wrong here!

    Did an all category default search on which returns 1831 items of which 244 are mine. UK only search returns 424, including mine.

    Same search on .au returns just 4 items none of which are mine. My items are included in the ‘items from international sellers’ section but none in the main default search.

    I have worldwide shipping rates on all my items.

    There are lots of mutterings on the uk PSB about contents of default searches.

    Reciprocity appears not to exist.


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