How to get your business started on Facebook

Facebook has been bit of a mystery to me, or at least how to make money out of Facebook is. Should you be trying to sell on Facebook, use it to engage customers, or simply use it as a customer support network? Many of the online retailers I speak to are still trying to figure out how to monetise Facebook as well.

If you’re still trying to figure out how to make Facebook work for your business then read Does ROI Exist on Facebook? Measuring your social revenue by Lace Llanora on The Wholesale Forums. This discusses how to track if your Facebook efforts are paying dividends with customers buying from your website.

To help you further The Wholesale Forums have published an eBook “Does your Business need to be on Facebook“. They’ve kindly agreed to allow all TameBay readers to access the Facebook eBook for free for a short while so download today whilst it’s available.

If you’ve had success driving business from Facebook to your website let us know either in comments below or if you’d like to write a guest post on how you use Facebook for your business just get in touch 🙂

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I've just set up my first Facebook page as I'm making the switch from eBay to my own website. Besides asking friends to join, I'm struggling to get new people to the page and comment. Can you suggest any ways to encourage more people to comment? eBook looks very nicely done. Haven't read it all yet but have it downloaded. Forum could come in handy for new suppliers, too. Matt.

Matt • 1st February 2012 •

Hi Matt, Here's one advice that I find work very well. If you like other pages related to your business and engage with them (react and post comments to their updates, offer help and advice, ask questions, etc.), your page will naturally attract new followers who are interested in what you have to share. When you get your own website, remember to provide a link to your Facebook and Twitter pages for your customers to Like and Follow you. Cross promotion works and makes it easy for people to find you on Facebook :) Also, questions get more engagement. Ask your followers about something they are interested in and be sure to acknowledge their comments, even likes and shares. Thanks for downloading the ebook Matt, I hope this comes handy for your new FB page and yes, our community has hundreds of suppliers and buyers - feel free to join us! Lace

Lace • 2nd February 2012 •

2 things: 1. Use facebook advertising specific for the brands you sell 2. Use twitter - search for keywords relevant to your brands e.g. "Dr Martens 1460" - you would be surprised how many people comment on these keywords. Then send them a message complimenting them on their choice of brands, etc, not direct come here and them to your facebook, and they tend to join, and are a targeted group interested in your brands. I have had some sales from this.

John Pemberton • 3rd February 2012 •

To be honest it all seems a lot of a pulava for a few sales. If you sell new stuff and have a single key product that you sell by the 1000's then maybe the time is well spent. If you sell collectables and unique one off items then they will find their own audience regardless of all the social networking that can be done. For me (although I may be wrong?) time is better spent simply listing product either on the website or ebay than talking about it! If somebody wants it they will find it soon enough! And if somebody else wants to talk on a social networking site about any one of my products that they have found then I have absolutely no objection to that but then it is their time not mine!

Gary • 4th February 2012 •

We used to do weekly competitions with a free DVD as a prize. Got up to 1000 odd friends / likes in no time at all. HOWEVER in 3 months (Q4 2010) had 1 sale..... Not bothered with facebook since Cheers Bryn

Bryn • 2nd February 2012 •

Thanks for sharing your experience Bryn, really glad you brought that up - some pages find competitions effective in increasing their fan base but sustaining engagement between contests is a real challenge. Were you selling on Facebook itself or through your online store? Setting up custom segments on Google Analytics can help you determine how much traffic Facebook is sending to your site.

Lace • 3rd February 2012 •

We are finally seeing good results from facebook, tracked sales on the website from it and good use of discount codes that have just been used on facebook. It takes a while to get the hang of it, I don't think anyone can have a page, have 1000's of followers and sales overnight (unless your a big brand). I would suggest looking at competitions (as long as they are in the rules of facebook)this does help increase a fan base.

Stuart • 2nd February 2012 •

Wow Stuart, that sounds just great! Care to share what system you use in tracking sales that came from Facebook? Adding to your suggestion - FB ads that are targeted really well can bring authentic and organic fans who are sincerely interested in what a brand has to offer.

Lace • 3rd February 2012 •

This is a link to a post I wrote on the forum. Its all you need to do to link your website listings to a free Facebook shop.

Warren • 3rd February 2012 •

Hello again Warren :) Those are really helpful tips and well done with your new Shop Now tab! Thanks for sharing, I see you've started uploading videos on YouTube too and linking them on Facebook.

Lace • 6th February 2012 •

Hi Lace, I'm still figuring out how to best use YouTube for my website. I have a few product video's, mostly on the Palm-stones and Crystals. Plus using YouTube is an additional source of keywords with links to my website. A lot of websites are now linking YouTube and Google TV to their listings so it seems like a good idea to experiment with. You should do a YouTube post.

Warren • 6th February 2012 •

Thank you Warren, YouTube is something we plan to explore further this year :) By the way, I gave you a shout out on Twitter Hope to see you again at TWF!

Lace • 7th February 2012 •