Buyers reminded of “Item Condition” in eBay feedback flow

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I’m rather liking eBay’s feedback Item Condition reminders. For a while now they’ve had a pop up box to remind you of the condition the item was promised in and they have a message prompting you to check the listing description for additional details.

Condition is everything when making a purchase online, you can’t check the item yourself personally and far too many sellers rely on stock photos which make every item look brand new and pristine no matter how battered it might be in reality.

The use of stock images for used items is one of the things which banned in their latest seller release. I wouldn’t object if eBay also insisted that sellers shoot their own pictures of used items in the UK – stock images give a false impression of the condition of an item as they’re always perfect.

Anything you can do to ensure your customers aren’t unpleasantly surprised at the condition. If a product is used (especially if it’s “well used”) make sure it’s specified as such and your description details any faults. At least now however, if your item is described as “Used” or “Refurbished”, buyers are being reminded of the fact when they come to leave you feedback.

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  1. all wonderful stuff though you need buyers that understand what they see and read

  2. This will make things even stranger in the video games category…

    Acceptable is the only thing you are supposed to use for say an atari cartridge no matter how perfect it is unless it comes with a manual. Good specifically says “Video game instructions are included.”

    That will be shown at the time of leaving feedback.

    Anything above good required both the manual and the box — no matter how pristine the game is…

    Very Good = “The video game instructions and box are included.”

    At least 80% of sellers sell early video games as good and very good without the required extras.

    In this case I think they should separate out “loose” vs “complete” in the video game categories because sellers like me who actually follow the rules, not only get less money for their games than people who break the rules, but constantly get emails like “What is wrong with your game — it looks perfect in the picture but you listed it as acceptable?”

  3. any statement ofcondition is only used as a stick to beat you with

  4. Just another way to get the feedbackknocked down a star or two so they don’t have to dish out quite as much discount at the end of the month.

    I don’t know why they don’t just say ‘we’ll give you £1 to mark this seller down’ !

  5. Infact it could be their new strapline at the bottom of the TV adverts…

    ‘Mark them down, we’ll give you a pound’ ?


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