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ChannelAdvisor have recently announced a massive 89% increase in sales for Moda in Pelle, a UK shoe and accessories retailer. Moda in Pelle have signed to use ChannelAdvisor’s Managed Marketplaces solution along with Frootion who designed their eBay shop and listings. They’re now selling on both and Amazon and have seen sales soar since they implemented a managed solution.

Paul Sanderson, head of e-commerce at Moda in Pelle explained “We were keen to boost our sales and brand presence online but found that listing products on marketplaces put a strain on internal resources. By using the ChannelAdvisor Managed Marketplaces solution we will have a dedicated team using the ChannelAdvisor software to list and launch, track and automate our inventory on eBay and Amazon, strategically planning the direction of our campaigns and boosting our return-on-advertising spend. This has freed up our team’s time to focus on other important areas of the business.”

ChannelAdvisor managed every aspect of the launch – from creating listing schedules, posting templates and editing ad copy to optimise performance. The retailer was already operating on Amazon before partnering with ChannelAdvisor but found maintaining its account status a challenge. With the help of ChannelAdvisor, Moda in Pelle has stabilised its account status, which in turn has had a positive impact on performance on this important channel.

Retailer and trading on marketplaces

There are two things I find notable about this – the first is confirmation that high street retailers really aren’t set up to cope with the demands of marketplace trading. They need help and a lots of it. There are a raft of third party integrators who can assist in launching a business onto eBay and Amazon (and other marketplaces such as Pixmania, Play.com, Priceminister etc). These guys can do everything from getting retailers set up, managing listings on an ongoing basis and some will even hold the inventory and handle dispatch for the retailer.

The benefits of multichannel management solutions

The second point worth noting is simply the time saving and efficiencies that a multichannel management solution can provide. Whether this be ChannelAdvisor or one of their competitors, I’ve yet to find a merchant who fully implements a solution and doesn’t see a dramatic increase in sales, albeit maybe not as high as 89%. The time savings are immense and just as Moda in Pelle have found it frees you up to focus on other areas of your business. For smaller retailers it’s even more valuable – especially if you’re the sole decision maker in your business but regardless of your size a multichannel management solution will save you taking on new employees.

If you’re interested in either multichannel management solutions or help from a full service provider who will manage your entire marketplace sales, you’ll find the solutions you need in the eBay & eCommerce Tools and Services Guide.

4 Responses

  1. I can’t see any problems with the feedback? Looks OK to me.

    AS for the DSR/TRS system we all know it is flawed. They may have a very small percentage of random undeserving 1’s and 2’s in just one of the 4 DSR areas and that is it.

    What I would question is why don’t they put a link on their website to their ebay store?

    In fact not many of the outlet type stores do. Now I find that interesting considering ebay will pay you to do this through their affiliate scheme.

    Maybe they want to keep their ebay/paypal fees to a minimum and don’t want website visitors to buy the same gear through ebay?

    Maybe they are using ebay and driving ebay customers to their website through marketing and money off vouchers inserted in their packaging?

    Outlet stores are not good for ebay in the medium to long term but ebay can’t see it. They think short term only.

    As for the multi channel side of things then ultimately it is all about cost benefits. If there is a benefit to the bottom line by using a 3rd party to organise it for you then why not?

  2. They seemed to have had a rocky start with stock which is why something like Channeladvisor would be of benefit.

    Hopefully their feedback will smooth out once they reach better sales figures.


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