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eBay are interested in talking to some of Tamebay’s UK readers to help shape the future of the site.

The eBay Seller Council is a new way that eBay is consulting with sellers on changes to the platform and how these changes are communicated. The main purpose of the Council is to give eBay honest and open feedback on changes so that eBay can test and refine ideas, and shape future thinking.
The Seller Council will have representation across different categories and business types of eBay sellers, and eBay would love to hear from sellers who are interested in being part of the Council.
The next Seller Council session is on the afternoon on Tuesday 15th May in London. This will mainly focus on getting seller input into communications for the next Seller Release to make sure changes are communicated in a clear and relevant way. It will also include a knowledge session on a topic designed to support sellers in maximising eBay sales. As we’re looking for representation across different categories and business types, we may already have a number of sellers within a particular business profile, so it may be that we don’t meet with all interested sellers on this occasion but will keep details for future opportunities.

If you’re interested in being a part of the eBay Seller Council and are free on the 15th May then let us know your Name, eBay User ID, Your main trading category, Telephone number and Email address through the TameBay Contact Form and we’ll forward your details to eBay.

59 Responses

  1. Is this the only chance to sign up or will there be other chances in other cities?

  2. Haven’t we been here before?

    I cannot remember what it used to be called, but we had an invite to something similar once a long time ago…

  3. too right its fantasy ! ebay need to listen to full time sellers whose living depends on selling ,not blogging or social networking

  4. London is a bit far away for my liking. I’m sure Ebay executives are reading this blog so just make sure the next one is in Edinburgh or Glasgow and i’ll be first in line!

  5. Don’t be fooled…. 17 years and you think eBay is going to listen to us now? pffft…

  6. Ebay had the opportunity to listen to my views in a letter of complaint I sent over a year ago about the way I had been treated by ebay over low DSRs received due to the bad weather that winter, they chose to ignore me and didn’t even have the decency to reply

  7. it really worries me when ebay listen to sellers[ message board warriors ?] that have time to waste talking to ebay

  8. its all smoke and mirrors, if ebay wanted real useful input all they need to do is contact the top sellers in each category lay on a plush venue all expensies paid and ask them to send their big cheese

  9. these events have a habit of turning into social/networking fests for ebay groupies

  10. what I will say to ebay is their category trees and branches need pruning ,plus a dose of weedkiller to get rid of the bindweed,

  11. What I still don’t quite get is why interest in the “seller council” should be channeled through Tamebay (no disrespect intended)? Surely eBay could send out invitations or post details on the site or higher out a bona fide market research company?

  12. You know I’m sitting here smiling wryly.

    People complain that eBay don’t listen and don’t talk to sellers and then they complain when they do.

    People complain when eBay don’t come onto Tamebay and then complain when they do.

    People complain when eBay don’t make site changes and then complain when they do.

    They’re really not onto a winner whatever they do are they? 😀

    The only justifiable complaint people genuinely do have is that fees are at their highest point compared to any time in their history and that’s the one thing I’m not hearing people complaining vociferously about – is that because everyone is making money? 😉

  13. There’s a lot of presumption here without any convincing back up argument.

    I didn’t realise you could see into the future or read the minds and plans of a group of people you’ve never met.

    I think that to have a valid point here you just have to attend and then come back and give your honest opinion based on fact rather than your own rather blinkered presumptions.

    In the nicest possible way you’re being ‘called out’ as they say, time to step up to the plate and represent all your views on the subject to this council and report back to Tamebay readers and let us know if you were right in your comments. It would be a great to hear what you thought of it and if they really did listen to you or not.

    What is wrong with item specifics and the categories exactly?

  14. sod that ,I have a life to live and a business to run ,I am not piddling in ebays pot just to splash my boots, if ebay were going to listen more things would have changed long ago



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