Olympic torches woes with unpaid items

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Having had some entirely splendid but unbelievably high prices bid on Olympic torches it’s no surprise that there are a few unpaid items hanging around. One of the first sellers who pre-listed her torch to jump the gun and get in before the other 8,000 torch bearers could flog theirs, netted a fantastic £153,100.00.

Of course for an item that cost less than £500 to manufacture and 8,000 being released over the next few days they’re not that rare and not that valuable. so it’s unsurprising that the seller Sarah hasn’t been paid.

This is Somerset reports that just to rub salt into the wound eBay are asking her to cough up fifteen grand in fees. That appears a little unlikely as she hasn’t got a business seller designation next to her account as I believe at a maximum £40.00 for private sellers.

You might feel a little sorrier for the seller who has 277 feedback when you realise she was hoping to raise funds for her favourite charity from the sale of her torch. However while she appears to know her way around eBay enough to complain that “Bidding and winning a lot on eBay results in a legally binding contract, but the bidder still hasn’t been in touch despite repeated attempts”, she wasn’t knowledgeable enough to use eBay for Charity to list the item in the first place.

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  1. It would good to see eBay pursuing these fake bidders – the negative PR on this will not help the selling community and trust in the site.


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