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eBay.com have quietly set up a secret wholesale site – . It’s an invitation only only marketplace open to selected eBay Top Sellers and is designed to bring together brands, manufacturers, retailers and distributors with eBay retailers.

Listings on the site are pre-screened against current eBay selling prices as well as competitor websites to ensure that the deals are attractive to prospective purchasers. That should (so long as eBay get their sums right) mean that after eBay listing and final value fees, after sales taxes, after packing and shipping costs, and after PayPal fees, there’s still a margin to be made.

As I’ve not got an eBay.com registered account that’s been invited to participate I can’t comment on the quality of the merchandise on offer or on the margins eBay has ensured are there to be made, if you’ve have access to the site we’d love to hear your thoughts.

I like the idea of eBay making it easy to access wholesalers, however the normal word of warning. If a wholesale source is easy to find then you won’t be the only person using that source. The harder you work to establish your own sources and the harder they are to get an account with the more valuable the stock will be and the more profitable when you come to sell it.

However if you’re lucky enough to be invited to use the new and you’re short of stock I’d grab the opportunity. Do the normal checks, sign up for Terapeak if you haven’t already and check out the current selling prices on eBay. Calculate all your costs and if there’s a deal to be done then go for it.

5 Responses

  1. and being a TRS with best match search will be a must to make money with most of these deals, have ebay factored this in .?

  2. This needs to have been quietly set up.

    Plenty of ethical issues around this.

    These products when they are retailed should appear in the retail market in an “ebay express” type site and not in the main ebay.com site. Only then will there be a chinese wall.

  3. This reminds me a little of the occasional pallet wholesale sites we have seen going around interesting at first glance but all the margin auctioned away to those who have low selling costs — excluding those little niceties such as tax, platform fee and insurance that bother the rest of us.

  4. .
    Luckily we have never [well not totally never] used such a site.

    We’ve made our own contacts with manufacturers, importers & our own imports & are quite happy where we are.

    With the occasional ‘job parcel’, our route works for us well.

    One of the other points, I see there will be a lot of competition with TRS’s all trying to buy/sell the same stuff.

  5. The margin of reduced ebay fees that can be passed on could make it worth it.

    10% at least ebay fees. If wholesale deals take a 2% cut theres 8 % margin there for a start.

    Add another 12% discount in the deal where already up to 20%.

    It could work, But then which really large and successful wholesale, distributor or brand owner would really want to use this channel ?

    A few years ago they all hated ebay, It would be a big change if all of a sudden they wanted to find resellers on the same platform.



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