PPI Labels can be sold once again on eBay

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PPI labels can be sold again on eBay, at least there are none currently on the site but apparently banning the sale of PPI labels and eBay cancelling all PPI label listings was all a big mistake!

According to (log in required) they were confused with sales of fake tracking labels. Some sellers use bogus tracking labels on parcels to discourage Item Not Received Claims. Rather then paying for a tracked delivery they simply attach a barcoded sticker to their parcels to imply that Royal Mail will be scanning items on delivery. eBay say that “After reviewing some of the listings, looking at the policy guidelines and potential impact the use of these stickers can have we have decided that these stickers are not suitable for sale on the site under our ‘encouraging illegal activity’ policy”.

eBay say that “We do understand these stickers have been marketed as a deterrent to fraudulent INR claims or buyer abuse too. eBay takes these issues seriously as seen the recent announcements around which will launch soon and any Problems with an eBay Buyer Protection case can currently be reported via this .

eBay went on to say “As far as PPI Stickers are concerned these were confused with some of the stickers that needed to be removed. They were removed incorrect and we’re sorry about the confusion this has caused. Credits should have been issued for these listings at the time they were ended.”

eBay say that sellers are free to relist their PPI label listings and they should appear in seller’s unsold items and if the cancelled listings don’t then the sellers can contact customer support to have the labels restored to their unsold item listings.

Currently however a search of eBay UK doesn’t reveal any currently visible on the site.

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  1. Funny how eBay say these tracking stickers ate illegal when Royal Mail reps come round and you complain about how many items they loose, they suggest these to you!

  2. .
    Re;Currently however a search of eBay UK doesn’t reveal

    Does now, the message is out there.

  3. PPI Labels are for those of us whom have Business contracts with the Royal Mail.

    Never understood the use of these Fake Tracking Labels, at the end of the day the Buyer pays for the Postage & if a seller has a issue with INR’s then up the P&P element by 95p for Recorded etc.

    All our orders are sent tracked & we only have 0.1% of orders getting lost & never returned, even via the NRC at Belfast.

  4. When a seller is contacted by a buyer to say they have not received an item and would like a refund, well upon refunding and cancelling the transaction there is no option in the drop down list of reasons for cancellation as INR, the only way any record exists of an INR claim having taken place is in the 0.01% of cases where a seller refuses to take action and forces a buyer to open a INR dispute to resolve (putting their account at risk in the process)
    Ebay do not take INR seriously, they simply do not care one jot about it, in fact there system by design excludes any way to record and collate INR cases. They have closed there systems eyes to it therefore its does not exist as a problem just like they did with bidding privacy and shilling.
    Seems like it might have been a good idea to me this fake tracking but only for a short while until the INR fraudsters cottoned on. Only an Ebay intent on doing nothing about this massive INR problem would ban this, a INR problem the size of which they will not even allow to be recorded.

  5. I’ve never heard of this before but the fake tracking label seems like a really good idea.

    I print my own PPI labels, so from Royal Mail’s point of view, if I were to do this, would they have any problem with it?

  6. You would be seriously amazed of the amount of people on ebay who have the wrong address on their account. On certain products we ship them via Parcelforce so we must do a post code look up for each address to book the delivery.

    Every day we are correcting addresses on peoples acocounts. The most common mistake is a completely wrong postal code.

    What we also noticed were buyers getting the item shipped to completely the wrong address altogether. When someone sends us a message for one of our cheaper items sent PPI, stating it hasnt arrived, the first question we ask is confirmation of their delivery address. We have had quite a few customers with a completely different address on their ebay account to that they wanted it sent to.

  7. Well according to one seller on the eBay UK PS board, they’ve had more listings removed today, and at least two said their listings weren’t reinstated as promised.


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