Ordoro add eBay sync in time for Christmas

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Ordoro announced today that they have added eBay integration to help online retailers streamline their back office operations.

Ordoro’s web-based software solves multiple ecommerce pain points at once, including order and inventory management across multiple storefronts, printing shipping labels, and dropshipping. By bringing these solutions together in a single app, Ordoro helps merchants save time and streamline operations so they can focus on growing their businesses.

Merchants who sell on eBay, Amazon and have their own webstores can use Ordoro to aggregate their orders from all channels into one web-based dashboard. From there they can print shipping labels, route orders for dropshipment, and keep all of their inventory in sync.

What’s the big deal?

Ordoro can effectively be used for stock sycronisation across eBay and Amazon as well as other marketplaces!

Many of Ordoro’s retailers have struggled in the past to keep their inventory in sync across different sales channels. For instance, retailers would sell out of an item on their BigCommerce or Shopify store, then receive orders through eBay before they could go in and manually remove the listing, leading to backorders and unhappy buyers.

With Ordoro, these inadvertent stockouts are a thing of the past. Now, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all of your orders are flowing into a single place. Instead of having to log into two, three or four more sites to process orders, you can log into one site and take care of your entire post-sale workflow.

How does it work?

The heart of Ordoro’s solution is its unified inventory control software, which acts as a “scorekeeper” for all of your storefronts, recording sales and pushing updated stock levels out as needed.

Say you sell dolls on Amazon and eBay, and you have five dolls in stock. Someone places an order on Amazon, reducing your Amazon inventory to four dolls. Ordoro sees this, reduces the unified inventory to four, and pushes an update to eBay. Next, someone places an order through eBay. Again, Ordoro sees this, reduces the unified inventory, and pushes an update to Amazon.

Ordoro is fully web-based getting up and running takes less than three minutes. Just enter your seller credentials and merchant tokens and within minutes Ordoro will download your inventory and orders.

Does Ordoro work in the EU?

Yes! Ordoro works with eBay and Amazon European country sites.

Whilst Ordoro is an Austin, TX based company with an interesting connection to Europe and have ensured full support for UK and EU online retailers. After releasing their product in the spring of 2011 and growing steadily for over a year it was time for the company to raise capital and the most promising lead came from Belgium. After a courtship that included a visit to Texas (bar-b-que and all!), Emerge and Ordoro found a match and the Belgium based venture capital firm led their Series A raise of $1.2ML in August 2012.

What does it cost

Ordoro pricing is based on the number of orders you process a month and the number of SKU’s that you have. It starts from $19.99 per month (that’s about £12.00 UK money), and there’s a 15 day free trial or Ordoro available to get started and explore the service.


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