Javari holds “Sneaking Into Fashion” show

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Javari is showcasing some of the world’s rarest trainers at a “Sneaking Into Fashion” event in Covent Garden running from the 18th to 28th October. The exhibition explores how trainers or “sneakers” have become part of daily life worn by everyone from school kids to celebrities.

On show will be everything from Nike ‘Studio 54’ Discos, 1960’s custom made Vans, Kill Bill Onitsuka Tigers, and a whole lot more. Starting from the 1920’s the exhibition runs right up to modern day trainers and you’ll even be able to see the Nike Volts worn by Olympic Gold Medal winning Mo Farrah at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

So who are Javari?

Javari launched a couple of years back in 2009 as a spin off from Amazon, saying “We LOVE shoes and handbags”, that’s exactly what Javari sell. Similar to Zappos, a company Amazon bought in the US, Javari free One-Day Delivery, free return delivery, price guarantee and 365-day returns window.

As well as making the buying/returns process easy, Javari aim to make the buying process just as easy, so you’re able to cut and dice search results by category, colour, size, brand, or price. Alternative views and zoom allows you to see the product from all sides along with detailed descriptions allow you to do everything bar actually try the shoes on.

How is it all done?

It looks like everything is kept in house running on Amazon Webstore, which is equally available for you to use to power your own ecommerce site. When you buy on Javari it’s Amazon checkout using the same payment credentials that you use when buying on Amazon – the same saved credit card, same user name and your Amazon password.

I have to say I like companies that use the same products and services that they sell. It’s “Eating your own dog food”, or in other words if it’s not good enough for you then it’s not good enough for your customers.

Sneaking Into Fashion exhibition

If you’re in London you’ll find the free “Sneaking Into Fashion” exhibition at the Covent Garden Piazza. It’s open from 9am to 7pm running from today until the 28th October, 2012.

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  1. I have to say I am not normally a huge fan of ‘rare trainers’ but I would go and have a look at this only because it is so weird.



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