100 free listings this weekend for private sellers

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There’s more free listing this weekend for private sellers on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th November. Private sellers can list up to 100 free auction style listings with a start price of £1.00 or more for free.

All the normal T’s and C’s apply – no business or PowerSellers, no pro-listing tools and if you don’t meet the minimum seller standards you’ll also be excluded from the promotion. You can use the sell your item forms, or of course the eBay mobile apps.

Full conditions are on the page.

17 Responses

  1. Still waiting free listings on ebay.com
    Desesperate… Do you think, Chris, this year we will have one free day?

  2. ebay.com have been having lots of free listings days, but by invitation only. So UK sellers such as myself never get one! The 50 free listings per month still apply though; better than nothing and open to business sellers.

  3. Here we go, rise of the 99p cheapscate merchants!! If its free i’ll list every bit of crap I can find……

  4. Must of beeen a naughty girl, despite above standard account in the green zone, seems like I’m not included.

  5. Great timing!!! I just used up my allowance of 20 free listings last night. Now all the stuff will be drowned in amongst all the free listings………

  6. How about FREE Business shop subs for a month by way of an apology by ebay for the last few weeks shocking shop sales levels due to password fiasco/data theft leading to many buyers being locked out of accounts or just apathetic towards ebay. What are we paying our shop subs for? Global exposure? i don’t think so. Global marketplace? yeah right! And i am not even going to mention search glitches. Come on ebay, we want an apology that matters, in the pocket by way of free shop listings not the lame scraps offered so far.

  7. Spent 15 mins ton a call to eBay customer services, for them to tell me that there must have been a fault that I wasn’t invited for the promo weekend and they hope that everything will be sorted out for the next time.

    Make of that what you will…

  8. Have to agree with some of the above comments, looking through the several categories I look at to buy stock from there seems to be page after page of junk that
    you would be lucky to sell at a carboot sale for 50p.

    Why does Ebay think this is a good idea, everyone uses it to list the junk they didnt sell last time round that they dont want to pay a listing fee for or any rubbish they have laying around in the house that they might get a pound for.


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