Google+ to help you shop with reviews from your friends

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One of the problems with online reviews is that niggling doubt at the back of your mind that the review is phoney or paid for or just wrong. There is, of course, wisdom in the crowd. But there is also a hesitation that the crowd might not meet your own exacting standards.

That’s why it’s interesting to note that Google are trialling two features. Firstly, on Google Shopping you’ll be able to see reviews from your friends. Secondly, you’ll be able to leave reviews yourself. The backbone of this system (literally how Google know who your friends are) is Google+, the search giant’s social network.

Google launched Google+ some time ago and it’s fair to say that it’s not been treated with great enthusiasm by many users. In my experience the contrast with Facebook is stark: Facebook is alive and kicking, Google+ is quiet and sterile.

So it’s hardly surprising that Google are trying to drive adoption and usage of Google+ by proving its value and utility by helping people shop. It’s also a cracking idea that will increase my trust in online reviews, when they’re from people I know.

3 Responses

  1. Yes, agree with all that. And think they are doing all the right integrations.

    But as an engaging social experience (which is surely what Google intend) Google+ is dull. It’s so much worse than Twitter and Facebook.

    In fact (as a reasonably adept web user) I find it confusing.

    I think that they need to improve the basic experience of Google+ in itself if it is to find its true utility via Google Local and Google Shopping.


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