Last minute Christmas gift ideas from eBay

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I’m still looking for a few Christmas presents to buy this year, and I’ve spotted some real crackers on the eBay Deals, which if you buy this weekend there’s just time to get delivered before the big day.

For the man that has everything

How cool is this? I remember the days when a laptop projector would cost you best part of a £1000, and yet now you can get a mini sized projector for your mobile phone. The is just under £70 quid, comes with a mini tripod and can throw images or video from your mobile onto a wall a metre away with a display up to 52 inches wide.

Not only is this a really cool piece of tech, but it’s only 11cm long so will slip into your pocket. If you’ve ever wanted to share content from your smart phone this has to be worth a punt and think how impressive when you want to give a business demonstration and pull your own personal projector out of your jacket pocket.

For those with mobile envy

With up to , if your child has been bugging you for one there’s plenty of choice from basic phones starting at £13.39 all the way up to HTC, Samsung, Nokia and Blackberry smart phones.

The most expensive offer is £103.99 so these are mobiles which won’t break the bank, and if your offspring is the type that’s likely to break or lose their phone on a regular basis at least you can be comforted by the fact you didn’t spend a fortune.

Plus of course on pay as you go at least you’re also safe from them running up an extortionate phone bill, once they’re out of credit that’s it until they earn some more – we recommend hard labour performing household chores so that you can put your feet up with a snifter of brandy.

For the budding construction worker

eBay have billed this one as deal of the week, and to be honest it does look like a cracking Christmas present. It’s a which comes with a ton of extra refill packs.

Don’t give your child a real saw to play with, but with this they can cut, nail and screw without any danger of injuring themselves, and as an added bonus the fake foam timber “Kid Wood” is a lot easier to saw and hammer than the real stuff. Looking at the images in not time at all your little one will have built something to be proud of and show the grandparents on Boxing Day.

For the cool dude fitness fanatic

Come on, admit it, whenever you’ve seen someone on a you’ve always thought they looked cool and secretly wished it was you. Now, assuming you don’t break your neck first, you can be the cool one whizzing around on one wheel and impressing your mates, your partner and amazing your kids.

We know that a ton of people will already be thinking about their New Years resolutions and thinking about buying home gym equipment. Be honest with yourself, it’ll end up unused taking up space in the spare room and gathering dust. If you buy this it probably will too, but at least you can have a laugh trying to ride it after a few drinks, and it’s a lot cheaper than that jogging machine you were thinking of.

At £44.99 this is a bit of a bargain, and there’s a choice of blue or red. If you do buy one, once you’ve mastered it, make sure you get someone to video you and send it in – we’ll post the best ecommerce unicyclist videos on Tamebay.

For the young gamer

If you’ve got a youngster who is going to be glued to your iPhone playing Angry Birds all Christmas get them something to tempt them to give you your mobile back!

The is three and a half feet long and will happily float around your room, assisted by a healthy dose of helium which you’ll need to source separately.

Once the kids have gone to bed though you can use the gas for the funny voice gags (although as a responsible blog we have to advise you not to inhale helium, but we know you’re secretly going to regardless of what we say!). This is a really cool toy, and something different to the normal remote control plane or helicopter – have fun!

Get ready for work in 2013

We’ve seen fabulous Fujitsu laptop deals from Dabs over the last few months, and in the final days before Christmas they’ve not disappointed with one more deal this year. They got the with 4GB RAM and a 500GB hard drive for just £269.94.

I’m still not convinced Windows 8 sits well on a laptop, but who wants to buy Windows 7 now Windows 8 is out? You can always turn off the new fangled block interface which is brilliant on your mobile and opt for a more familiar Windows computer experience.

If you’re not already brought yourself to a new laptop this calendar year then you’ll want to buy one as a tax write off for your business. Treat yourself at Christmas and call it a work expense, you should always have a spare laptop laying around for emergencies anyway!

6 Responses

  1. Somethings missing. I know. When the technology, innumerable repeats of TV programmes and the kids have got on top of you and all you want to do is get away from it all to somewhere quiet. How about a Book. Not one of these hi tech electronic books that will be gracing the car boot sales in a year or so but a real paper book. Remember a Book is for Life not just for Christmas.

  2. “I’m still not convinced Windows 8 sits well on a laptop, but who wants to buy Windows 7 now Windows 8 is out?”

    Windows 8 SUCKS Chris 😀

    Bought a laptop with Win 8 on from PC World about 8 weeks ago, lasted a day, took it back, swapped it for lovely ultrabook running Win 7.

    Do not listen to Chris, Win 8 is a huge fail.

  3. Microsoft have halved their unit order for Surface from the factory as it is not selling in the numbers expected.

    Don’t bother upgrading to Windows 8. You will regret it. It is a nightmare if you run a laptop/desktop.

    They should have called it Windows 8 Mobile and left it at that rather than attempting to cover 2 birds with one stone.


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