Fulfilment by Amazon and Holiday settings

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Sell On Amazon featWith the Easter holidays in full swing putting your marketplace sales on holiday settings might not be all that you need to do. A Tamebay reader tells us that they’ve just returned from holiday to find their Seller contact response metrics had been impacted, because they hadn’t answered a customer’s question.

Amazon and eBay both have the option to temporary hide listing by placing them on ‘holiday settings.’

If you are an Amazon Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) seller placing your listing on ‘holiday settings’ will hide any ‘Merchant fulfilled products’ but all FBA products are still visible and available for purchase. Indeed this is presented as a selling point in converting to FBA – “Sell your products whilst on holiday.”

Potential customers can see all your FBA products and can still ask the seller questions, even though you are on holiday!

Yes, this is correct. Most customer questions are answered by Amazon as part of the FBA package, but the odd question can still slip through and if you don’t answer it because you are on some sunny beach or otherwise engaged you are going to get a big dent in your Seller contact response metrics.

The reality is that whilst Amazon will handle almost all of your sales with FBA, if you’re selling you still need to check your emails daily or have someone check them for you!


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