Reimagining Bing (new logo): Will you use it?

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Bing new LogoMicrosoft have revealed a new logo for their Bing platform. That got me thinking… without looking can you remember what the old Bing logo looks like? I can’t!

The new logo is intened to have a “Bingness” about it but it’s more than that. Microsoft want you to know that you’re using Bing without the logo even being present. The trouble for me is that although I use some Microsoft products (Windows, Office, Skype), I never use Bing and new logo or no new logo it simply won’t make a difference.

MicrosoftFor me Microsoft have lost their way, and even the new Microsoft logo (shown right) and the intended rebranding (or as they like to call it “Reimagining” of their products will make little difference. Many years ago Windows 3 was a massive leap forward from DOS and suddenly computers become useful for the masses instead of devices to run games on. You no longer needed to be a programmer to use your computer and the mouse made everything easy.

Microsoft was a name synonymous with productivity but they’re now trying to concentrate on social aspects of computers giving photos, messages and social media updates, on a metro desktop or mobile phone, priority over work flow. I don’t need to know that one of my acquiantances has just had a mocha frappachino in a new coffee house, I just want to open Excel and create a new spreadsheet.

Microsoft OfficeI still use Office 2007, not because I can’t afford an upgrade, just because the upgrades have very little in new features I would use. Basic versions of Office pushed, with every new PC or laptop I buy, don’t even have Outlook included. Versions with Outlook are stupidly expensive considering I have the 2007 version which works. Apps I don’t need or want are included – does anyone working in a small business really use OneNote, SkyDrive and SharePoint or even know what they are?

Microsoft Office already has a new logo, although I doubt many people noticed. Skype, Yammer, and Xbox are to get makeovers too. Bing looks set to be next in line for it’s makeover, but does anyone care? Will you start to use Bing more or is the problem really that it does, or doesn’t do what you want rather than it needing to be reimagined?

3 Responses

  1. Once they stop calling it Bing. Which in some parts of the U.S is slang for going #2 then I will use it. 🙂 hahahaha

  2. Looks similar to the Speedbird logo used by BOAC (with a significantly modified version used by BA)


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