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eBay vs AmazonI had an interesting conversation today with a contact in the ecommerce world and I asked him which is his favourite site – Amazon or eBay. His instant answer was “Amazon”.

I then went on to postulate that most marketplace consumers have a favourite site which they mainly buy on and that eBay customers tend to stick to eBay, whilst Amazon customers mainly buy from Amazon. It’s not just the sites that consumers make their purchase from, it’s also the site that consumers default to when starting a search for a product.

We thought it would be interesting to find out where Tamebay readers mainly shop – do you buy mainly on eBay, mainly on Amazon, equally between the two sites, or mainly from neither site? Tell us why in comments below.

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  1. I subscribe to Amazon Prime so generally thats my first port of call, but unless I’m in a mad clatter for something, I’ll quickly check both.

  2. I buy mainly off ebay, probably because I only sell on there and I like it.
    I do buy off amazon, but only if comes directly from amazon as private and business sellers on amazon don’t seem to be as reliable as those on ebay from personal experience.

  3. Interesting poll and I don’t want to muddy the results, but when purchasing from Amazon there are often 3 choices
    1- Purchase from Amazon direct
    2- Purchase from a 3rd Party using FBA
    3- Purchase from a 3rd Party self fulfilling

    Amazon and FBA sellers are as safe as houses. Amazon are so protective of their customers that they will always ensure customer satisfaction.

    When you start to purchase from an Amazon 3rd party sellers who fulfil their own orders you face the same risks as eBay buyers i.e. sold out stock, late delivery, difficulties in returns.

    Personally I will always choose Amazon and preferably Amazon (marketplace) or an FBA seller.

    Disclosure: – I am a FBA seller (so maybe I’m a bit biased)

  4. I am a marketplace seller on amazon but I have to say I do mainly buy on Ebay and occasionally on Amazon, usually because the items I want are cheaper.

  5. If it’s something expensive I go to Amazon, if its something reasonably cheap or ubiquitous (or mail supplies) then it’s Ebay, odd psychologically but I feel more secure with what I am going to get with Amazon.

  6. I used to be all about buying on ebay, as I felt it was easier to buy and compare different sellers better than Amazon.

    However, I now prefer Amazon as the search results are normally better and the payment process is a lot better than ebay.

  7. I buy all my business and stationary supplies on eBay, With such competition amongst sellers there’s nowhere cheaper or quicker. CD/DVDs I tend to buy from Amazon nowadays. Other products i’ll search on both and other external sites.

  8. i have Amazon Prime which can make a difference. I tend to buy from amazon directly as most purchases are for business. For personal i’ll use either. Wherever possible i buy from independent websites as i under stand the pain of giving away 10-15% of every transaction.

  9. “Amazon and FBA sellers are as safe as houses. Amazon are so protective of their customers that they will always ensure customer satisfaction.”

    I beg to differ, having an Amazon Prime account I’ve given up counting how many times items have taken days to arrive. Also stupid dispatch methods, £5 items sent RM Special delivery and £200 items sent untracked and taken a week to turn up.

    That’s not satisfaction in my book.

  10. .
    Generally it’s ebay for me.
    BUT recently I have made 2 purchases on ebay & both have gone wrong.

    1. Parcel tape from a private buyer. It arrived with printing throughout the rolls. The seller was really awkward saying it did not have to be in the description just a small poor picture. Ebay gave us a voucher so I kept them. But returning an item with private sellers & no returns policy is a nightmare. It’s only Paypal that saves the day.

    2. An expensive tablet that fired up ok at first but the battery was flat so tried to charge. NO charge going into battery. So another cases in the resolution place….

    Seems like ebay need to address private seller with no returns policy….

  11. I look at both but find very little difference in price on the items I am interested in. Typically Amazon wins on books, CDs, small electricals. Amazon is far easier to find what you want and has all the options to choose a seller on the single item.

    On ebay I always check seller feedback to see if service is patchy.

    Only ever had 3 problems: with an ebay seller who reacted in a way that Amazon simply wouldn’t have accepted or allowed; with a misdescribed book and an electrical item on Amazon. Ease of dealing with this on Amazon was a sure fire winner. No hassle return, no case to open, immediate availability of a return process.

    Where an item needs returning Amazon is far superior, and the ease of it (and from other online sellers like Wiggle) is a standard all sellers should aspire to, even if we aren’t technically as capable as Amazon at implementing it.

  12. prefer Ebay, cheaper and listing have more specification/details.
    Perfect for item less than 20£ (cartridge, paper…)
    Amazon is worst looking at after 20£ for guarantee in case something wrong happen

  13. It depends!

    I would rarely consider buying any type of electrical goods off Ebay, after it leaves your sales history and feedback period it seems some sellers year long warranty has shortened by a considerable ammount of time. I don’t buy a lot of DVD’s but its usually Amazon I will go to unless I have money sitting in my Paypal account.

    In my experience Ebay is still really good for 2nd hand goods and rare to find stuff despite Ebay’s own attempts to turn it into a “new, buy it now, fixed price” shopping mall.

  14. I generally buy only on Amazon, unless I am buying business item (such as mailing bags). Anything of value, I always choose AMazon, and generally Amazon themselves.

  15. Ebay every time for me, never bought anything from amazon, I don’t like the amazon web site, don’t ask why, just never have.

    Perversely “she who will be obeyed” buys tons from amazon.

  16. Ebay. I have never bought anything from Amazon as I can’t stand their site’s amateurish untidiness. No effort has been made to make the site look apealling for me.
    It is also worth noting that neither ebay or Amazon sell anything that I need. Yes there is plenty I would like, but nothing I actually need. That makes both of them “luxury item” sites.
    I have also to say that clearly those who buy from Amazon are positively approving and supportive of Amazons’ tax arrangements to the detriment of the UK economy and prolonging the period of austerity for the rest of us. If you don’t approve you would not buy.

  17. My entire business is selling on Amazon. I spend thousands every month on purchasing stock from UK wholesaler,s which is delivered by numerous companies. I pay rent, rates and service charges for an office. I pay a substantial amount in VAT and corporation tax and yet you seem to think that customers shouldn’t buy from Amazon.

    You really haven,t given this much thought. I for one would be out of business if people stopped buying from Amazon.

    And with respect what gives you the right to moralise to others?


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