“Log In With PayPal” replaces PayPal Access

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Log-In-With-PayPalPayPal is rolling out a new identity solution designed to help streamline the mobile shopping experience – Log In With PayPal.

Log In With PayPal is actually an upgrade for what was formerly known as PayPal Access. Whilst it looks very much like say a Facebook Connect login, PayPal are very keen to emphasise that Log In With PayPal is not a social login – it’s a commerce login. PayPal don’t share your information with anyone and certainly won’t be posting information about your purchases on social media sites as can happen with social logins.

The idea is that when you authenticate with your email address and PayPal password you can then give permission for PayPal to share basic information with the merchant so that the website you’re on can pre-populate fields such as your name and address.

One of the big advantages is that you also won’t have to remember user names and passwords for every retailers website that you use. Even if you’ve never purchased from a merchant before your information can be pre-populated and as the solution has be redesigned from the ground up it’s perfect for mobile devices. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to enter your address details into a two inch mobile checkout and Log In With PayPal makes this a thing of the past.

As a bonus if you update your personal information in PayPal, for instance if you move house, this new information will be shared with all the retailers you use Log In With PayPal and you’ll never have to update retailer websites again.

For developers Log In With PayPal is built on open technology including OAuth JSON and REST so integration should be easy.

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  1. Nice upgrade from PayPal on this one. More details should be given soon though on how will this fully merge with the retailer’s database of users should there be any differences like email and other information. Though if Log In with PayPal would be used by most retailers, checkouts would be a lot faster and easier for customers. Cheers on the article, Chris!


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