Wimbledon, BBQs, sun and fun: enough to dampen your online sales?

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The sun is out, the sky is blue, there’s not a cloud to spoil the view… but how have your online sales been over the weekend?

The lure of Wimbledon will have been great. What with the women’s final on Saturday and Andy Murray playing the men’s tennis final. Of course, Murray scooped victory and the British Lions did too.

Combine all that with the best weather (it seems to me that we’ve had for years) and the draw of barbecues and beer gardens up and down the nation, and an endless supply of Pimm’s and lager and I think we have a unique weekend. Sadly, all of the above will likely have proved to be a huge distraction to online shoppers.

It has long been received wisdom that the worst news for ecommerce is a sunny weekend. Worse still a bank holiday too. A sunny August long weekend is traditionally the low point of the online trading calender. Equally, big national events (Jubilees, Olympics, important fixtures) have an impact on ecommerce.

But maybe this year could be different. Mobile commerce (m-commerce, bleeuurgh) has come of age. Pundits will tell us that folk buying on phones and tablets are further fueling ecommerce growth. That’s doubtless true, demonstrably so. It’s an engine for online trade growth. But is it true for you on a weekend like the one we’ve just had?

I suspect the attraction of a few rays, a cool beer, a nearby beach or park, a sizzling burger and scantily clad people may well be enough to provide a big dent in ecommerce trade for the weekend past. But who knows?

You do. Straw poll. How was it for you? Has this glorious Wimbledon winning weekend been good for online business? You might have had a scorcher. Or you might look at your sales for a period when the sun is shining and find that it’s raining in your heart?

18 Responses

  1. Noticeable dip in UK sales over the weekend but reasonable European / RoW sales as usual so not all bad!

  2. Is it just an online trend? Surely anyone visiting a bricks and mortar store this weekend must have been there purely for the free air conditioning!

  3. Worse weekend of the year so far for us. Had a great day down the pub watching tennis though ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Actually a pretty bad week followed by a very bad weekend, one of the worst for some time. Sales are picking up today.

  5. on line sales of haggis flavoured ice cream rocketed
    though its a devil of a job finding refrigerated jiffy bags

  6. Great Saturday, average Sunday across each of our sales platforms. Sport doesn’t usually have a negative impact on us. Positive yes, not negative.

  7. Sales 300% higher than a normal weekend. Best non-Christmas period weekend of sales ever. It just depends what you sell. Give people what they want for the time of year and the weather and they will buy. Make hay while the sun shines.

  8. Hope your all gettign by ok

    Really kinda super slow so really lucky to have properly opened a real life shop and venue! Real sales beat online on Sunday. Which was a massive relief.

    Roll on winter ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS does anyone know how to add a percentage disount to multiple sales? I know how to do it with postage but unsure of how to say deduct 10% of three items x

  9. last thing i want to do is be sat inside busy infront of lappy slaving away instead of outside taking in the glorious weather. long may the weather continue.

    slow sales? who cares. more to life than worrying about making money week in week out.


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