2013: has ecommerce served you well?

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It’s not quite the end but how has the Christmas rush 2013 been for your business?

Not all of you run seasonal businesses where a November/December rush is vital, but many of you do. Some of you have businesses that will tick right through the Yule season. Some, I hope, will be shutting down and having a well earned rest until January. Whatever you’re up to, how has it been in 2013?

It’s been a fun year and a fine one in many respects. Mobile buying has come to the fore, there are more and more ways to fulfil your orders. It remains a roller-coaster industry full of possibilities, adventure and annoyance. But isn’t that the fun of it?

As Christmas approaches, we’ll be slowing down on Tamebay. Chris and I have things to do and we know you do too. We’re already working hard on producing the 2014 Tamebay Guide and, to be honest, at this time of year the volume of news and changes we have to report starts to thin out.

We’ll sign off completely on Tuesday and run a Sunday service until the New Year. But before that, we’d love to hear your reflections on the year past. The highs and the lows.

What sort if year has 2013 been?

23 Responses

  1. Its been a very good year with it peaking in October for us but remaining quite steady even up until today and we don’t sell products that would be gifts.

    Like mentioned above the amount of mobile orders has been huge this year.

  2. A very good year for us, new premises and some exciting ideas to put into action in the new year.
    Looking forward to a few days off and eat my weight in food and drink :).

  3. Average up until August, which was unexpectedly good (we sell music memorabilia) then a very flat Sept/Oct followed by a really busy Nov/Dec.

    Taken in the round, slightly above last year.

  4. A pretty good year, August this year was my best month ever for profit and turnover, and it’s been consistently good all year.

  5. Happy Xmas Dan and Chris,
    thank you for all your posts during the year – it is the only blog/newsletter I read every day. Why? Because it cuts to the chase and gives the salient info. Sure, you have to earn a living with sponser posts but at least these are tempered and measured with ‘yes, but’ questions and comments.
    Will meet you guys at some event down the road.
    Enjoy the break,
    Bernard (Cork – Amazon & eBay seller)

  6. Business has been very good from February onwards once we moved into new office premises. The extra space gave use freedom of movement and helped separate home from work. Turnover is much higher than last year, but profit not as good as we hoped, primarily because of the additional expense of running business premises. Got caught out at Christmas and ran out of several product lines even though I thought we were sufficiently stocked. All in all, not a bad year and perhaps just as important we are hopeful for the New Year.

    All closed down now and not returning until the New Year.
    Merry Christmas to One and All

  7. been a terrible year
    were destitute homeless and starving please text
    you last pennys and any organs you can manage without
    to save he starving and abused ebay seller, care of
    the christmass conscience business

  8. on the point of this thread,
    we have done ok , its all out there it depends on how hard you work at it and a bit of luck,
    though we cant understand why gary would knowingly cut off 99.9% of available buyers by only selling domestic

  9. Been a good year, January was 4 times the previous January in sales. We have had 5 months running where sales were higher than the highest month of the previous year. And December sales total is looking to be higher for the one month than our entire sales for the year 2 years ago.
    So yes, can say its been a good year.

    Figure next year to grow the business around 3 times current sales.


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