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There haven’t been as many listing promotions lately as we’ve come to expect. And eBay is certainly experiemnting with how they are publicised: I don’t seem to have had an email about one all year so far. So I’m extremly grateful for tip-offs if you see notice of a pricing promo and we haven’t noted it on here, give us a shout.

This promo is for five auction-style listing made on the 11th February by private sellers. The eBay blurb says: Create up to 100 listing(s) with a starting price of £1 or more in an eligible category during the promotion period using the auction-style format and you won’t pay an insertion fee for each listing during the promotion period.

Feature fees and final value fees will still apply. The number of listings eligible under this promotion may be less where seller restrictions apply.”

Full terms and conditions apply and can be found here.

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  1. I guess to stop sellers churning over the same unsold listings from one free listing weekend to the next ebay appear to be sending out targeted promotions now. So the end of the regular “free for all privates” listing weekend may be nigh.

    No longer will you be able to list the same item for free for ever. If it does not sell first time you list for free then tough, next time you pay!

  2. On the subject of messages from ebay I seem to be getting many more of these now than I used to. I personally feel that ebay are overdoing it a bit with this direct email marketing and regular targeted emails about free listing offers probably increase this perception that ebay are starting to enter into an area where I would classify their regular messages as spam. Once or twice a week maybe but not daily or more than once a day.

  3. I have been actively looking for any ebay promotions every day on the announcements page where they usually appear and they have announced none at all this year.. It’s really been hurting me as I work freelance and use eBay to sell unusual vintage items – right now I have no work – I would usually sell around £900 a month thanks to the free listing weekends – since they’ve stopped I’m not listing items that are of low value or are of limited interest as it costs so much to list items – so i’m only selling aroung £100 a month – yes sometimes I list items several times before they sell.. But my stuff always eventually does sell and I dont see that as being bad.. Anyway it would be good for me if they re-introduced them – I would have thought eBay UK would have been happy to collect all those final fees. I note the US site is still having lots of offers.. Any news of hidden promotions would be massively appreciated.. Warren..

  4. I am confused. Since the start of 2014 I am certain that there has been just as many ‘Free Listing’ Days as I would have expected. The problem is that they are no longer shown in the ‘Calendar’ under News.

    I have not made a note of them but I think that there has been 2 x Free Listing Weekends and 2 x Midweek Free Listing Days. Which given that we are only in the middle of February is just about where I would have expected us to be.

    The problem will be that if somebody does not keep a diary of when they were we are going to get on through the year and be totally confused.

  5. It is expensive to list? It is either 5p or 15p.

    Remember that the volume available and choice for buyers is significantly higher at the end of the 10 day free listing cycle so money is spread more thinly leading to lower prices.

    If you want the best prices for stuff avoid free listing days and pay the 5p or 15p. Your stuff may then actually sell first time.

  6. If you are selling £900 a month are you a business?

    Why not open a store for £20 a month and list 200 items for free?

    If you have £900 of sales then surely you are missing out by not having a store and relying on the non existent free listing weekends.

    And if you become a premium seller your fees drop more than making up for listing fees. Basically.being a cheapskate is a false economy but carry on with your business model it is clearly working!

  7. As per earlier posting. I have today logged on to check a few items and its flashing at me again. Its a Free Listing Weekend 15 & 16 th February. So I have tried to relist a couple of items on 10 days(as the midweek Free Listing Day was for 5 day listings) and it has taken my 10 day listings. So it is obviously a fairly standard weekend free listing for 10 day auctions. So if you have 100 items to list or relist this is the weekend to get listing. However as I pointed out previously it does not appear under News. So once again it is not going to be in the Calendar.

  8. My ebay sales stats for the last 90 days – auctions = 34% of sales and BIN store items = 66% of sales.

    Anybody who relies on auction only free listings are missing out BIG time on a big chunk of buyers on ebay. Only 34% of ebays buyers bother with auctions. I don’t mind though more for me! 🙂

  9. Tried listing an item at 9 pounds buy it now and it wants to charge me it flashed up free weekend once can’t find it again.

  10. WE LOVE BUY IT NOWS lots of sellers ask daft money and buyers use them a a bench mark for auction bids

  11. This is a little off topic, but is there a way within eBay that you can view hold old your own listings are; without having to click on each one to see the actual date they were listed?

    For example; I use Buy it Now’s a lot, and want to see how long each item has been on eBay for without selling. E.g. I may have had some items for 3-4 months.

  12. Go to active listings view in ‘my ebay’, click ‘customise’ on the top right hand of page (next to print) and click the tick box ‘start date’ and apply, then sort by clicking on the ‘start date’ column header’ to sort by date started … ta da!



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