eBay UK Free Listings this weekend

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Thank you to all the Tamebay readers who have alerted me to this: it is great to get the tip off.

There are free auction listings to be had for private sellers this weekend. As usual, terms apply and you can find them here. It’s not clear if this is open to all private sellers, so have a go to make sure you are eligible.

Happy selling.

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  1. Well – I just tried – but no joy for me still despite the recent lengthy conversations with eBay support and their re-assuranced that i’m not being excluded.. After 15 years am feeling very unloved by eBay indeed..

  2. I just chatted with eBay support again about these new eBay listing offers.. I’ve not been able to use any offers since xmas – previously I regularly used free listing weekends..

    A guy from eBay UK Billing told me

    “Yes, you are correct. The system randomly selects sellers. I hope you will be one of them next time. :)”


    “Do not worry. It is the system that randomly selects sellers.”

    So he says its a pure luck thing whether you can use their offers now – not sure I believe it – it must be targeted in some way surely.. ?? Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense from their side..

    If it is purely random then its not overly comforting for me – when I was a baby my mum purchased some premium bonds for me.. 40 years later I’m still waiting to win something.. Know what I mean..

  3. I refuse to believe that. eBay would never do random selection. CVarefully determined cohorts so they can analyse the data, but random. No.

  4. If the lottery numbers were as random as the number of free listing emails I receive then I would not be posting messages here! 🙂

  5. We never get the FLD or promo of extra free listings on any of our accounts. After a round about and slightly coded conversation with Ireland, it turns out that we list too frequently and spread out our listings across the month, so “the system assumes you don’t need encouragement”…

  6. Well this weekend 1st/2nd March are also Free Listing Weekend. I saw the usual flashing box so I tried to list an item and it took it without any listing fees so I think that we can take it that it is confirmed.

    So if you qualify go ahead and list your usual 100 items for Free.


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