eBay site broke?

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eBay shops SNAFUIt would appear that eBay have been having intermittent site problems over the past 24 hours although they’ve yet to make an announcement.

The latest issue centers around eBay shops which are displaying “0 results found in all categories”, even though users may have hundreds or even thousands of items for sale. In other cases the shops categories sidebar is totally missing.

Of course this may be typical Friday maintenance, although it’s late in the day unless it’s taking longer than normal to be completed.

Are you seeing any site issues or is all well from wherever you’re based?

It’s also worth noting the eBay appear to have changed their , which now reads “eBay’s highest priority is our members’ trading success. There are many events, from natural disasters to power outages that can disrupt bidding and finding on eBay. If a lengthy outage occurs, information about the outage will be posted on the Announcements Board.”

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  1. Not seen this today, but have seen it a few times over the past 2 weeks. eBay seems to have many bugs in there system at the moment. Keep an eye on your page view counter.!

  2. The eBay site has been broken………….one way or another for the best part of a year. No announcement thus far you say for this ‘prblem’…. there are NEVER any announcements for halving decent seller’s incomes. If eBay actually listened to the sellers perhaps the site would return to a reliable, functioning platform. When customers get the message: THIS SELLER DOES NOT OFFER COMBINED POSTAGE…….which is completely untrue………..how many of my customers just give up and go and shop elsewhere. When potential customers in US, Brazil, Russia are told by EBAY that their shopping baskets are NOT compatible with UK these customers also give up and go elsewhere. No……it was not, and is not all down to the password fiasco……..these ‘problems’ are ongoing and ebay, as far as I can see, has no intention of fixing them.

  3. Not news …Search has been knackered of and on for years.

    What would be news is if ebay admitted the search has major faults off and on. And they are manipulating the search results using best match

  4. And if a Seller gets defects as a result of it, you have to waste 10 hours to try and reverse it.

  5. for the past week my search keeps reverting back to “lowest price first” instead of “best match”, and i cant find any way to make it stick on best match.

  6. what is worse is ebays patronising attitude to complaints about search implying its just noise and everything is perfect

  7. eBay have posted “We have seen reports of an eBay “outage” recently, so we wanted to address them. Here is what actually happened: We recently experienced a minor technical issue that resulted in the homepage and Daily Deals page to load slowly or be intermittently unavailable to a small portion of customers. General site functionality remained intact during this time and the issue has been fully resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience or delay this may have caused” on their systems announcement board.

    So there you have it… there wasn’t a problem with the site 🙂

  8. anyone notice that the send invoice link is missing off the confirmation of item sold email from ebay ? -now means 4 clicks extra if I need to send an invoice – as a bulk seller this is a MAJOR pain


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