eBay semi down this morning

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Whilst the eBay site is up, many of the functions sellers rely on are down. Sellers are unable to access sold items, messages or pretty much anything else that they need to do to get the weekend’s orders shipped and run their businesses.

Hopefully it won’t last for too long and eBay will get everything running again shortly.

Edited to add: ebay have told us: We are currently experiencing a site problem and our teams are working to get back to normal as soon as possible. Our highest priority is our members’ trading success and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. We will share further developments with our user community as information becomes available.  As a marketplace, we understand how important it is that we maintain a reliable platform for our buyers and sellers.

Edited to add: All issues should now be fixed. Let us know of you’re back to work out if you see any further issues.

11/11/14 Edited to add:Apologies for the late update… I was in meetings all yesterday. However eBay have told us: Based on our initial investigation, the issue was a result of a network issue with one of our data centers. We quickly took action to re-route traffic to alternative data centers to help restore functionality to the majority of our users.

We know any interruption for our users is frustrating. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused to the buyers or sellers involved. In the next day or two, eBay teams will be in touch directly with affected sellers to provide them with additional information.

57 Responses

  1. Good old PNR!

    Boy this used to happen a lot years ago – Let’s hope this isn’t history repeating itself!

  2. Here we go again.

    Can’t access sold items which have vanished.

    Big Monday post – unable to do it.

  3. I can log in, but the site is useless, you can’t do anything. It’s been 30 minutes so far – how much lost profit do you think that equates to for eBay on the whole.
    On a personal level I am glad that none of my auctions are finishing until later. I start them at the lowest price possible knowing the bidding will go much higher. If that happened during one of these moments, I would make a severe loss. I feel for anyone who has listings finishing at the moment.
    The site is fast becoming a shambles.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall, to see and hear the conversations that take place at eBay HQ during these non-responsive moments.

  4. I have just spoken to eBay on the phone who says the problem started 20-25 mins ago (It started not long after 9am for me) and have been told technical are working to get it fixed ASAP.

    My cut off is 11am. After that time I wont physically have the time to pick and pack all orders, and reply to all messages today.

    Not good at all eBay. Again and again we have these problems! You would think that a site like eBay.co.uk could get it right.

  5. Reason for being down is that all the staff are working in customers service department (over in the Philippines) fielding angry calls from sellers(lLike me) about removing unfair defects STILL -i t must be working as it only took 15t0 minutes to resolve one such case for us last week (so they are getting quicker) Now where’s my “I LOVE EBAY -not” t-shirt?

  6. This is actually a blessing as it give me more time to MIGRATE ALL PRODUCTS TO AMAZON

    Ebay – run by accountants and IT project staff

  7. Ebay – non performing defective buying/selling platform run by mugs for mugs. ebay must be running out of excuses by now for these outages etc.

  8. Just an idea of when it will be back up would be helpful!
    Not sure what semi-down means exactly.
    Although it was working fine til just after 9am – we now cant do anything that we need to do.

    Someone certainly pressed the wrong button at ebay HQ.

    Can I be a fly on the wall too?

    But on a positive note – if ebay staff are all sat there with nothing to do – maybe they will get round to sorting out all
    our unjustified defects!

  9. The eBay API is not working either. Lots of these errors since around 9am:

    “The requested data is currently not available due to an eBay system error. Please try again later.”

  10. Semi down? Is that partially down in English? It’s about on a par with the primary school teachers who tell me my daughter will uplevel soon.

    I am sure however that eBay would never say semi down, in their version of newspeak it will be partly up.


  11. Monday morning when most sellers have the most to ship of any days Ebay is not working again!
    Can we count on monthly outages now? This year there have been more technical issues than during my whole Ebay history.
    I am sure there must be someone at the Top on the Board of Executives who must be responsible for this and should have been fired months ago when these problems started.
    I am getting really fed up with Ebay, I have been selling here for over 8 years but this last year (2014) has been the worst ever.

  12. This is only the tip of the iceberg. We have been having all sorts of different technical problems / glitches with eBay for some time.

    The tool to create a newsletter to subscribers is not working, for me at least, and has not for about two weeks. Unable to hand-pick listings to feature.

    I had a message this weekend from a customer in Australia asking me to cancel the sale because of crazy currency conversion estimates: the total in AUD that eBay came up with at checkout was totally different (much higher) than the total estimated on his view of the listing.

    The “Help & Contact” menu (inexplicably changed to be rather less efficient and having to go through more screens to get anywhere) is often taking me to a dead end when trying to cancel a transaction, depending on which path I choose.

    Etc, etc.

    Ebay is broken. Still dragging along, but certainly not offering a smooth, efficient, “defect” free experience.

  13. Just had an email from eBay subject: ‘Deck the halls, trim the tree, and get the party started’.

    They must be aware we have nothing else to do at the moment?

  14. eBay Logo – 3

    We’re on the way and will be with you as soon as we can. Thanks!

    Estimated wait time as of 10:40 AM


    Your position in the queue is # 621

  15. Recently i have bought a n item on ebay.This morning ebay has notified me with an e mail which said that my item had been shipped.I logged in and tried to check order and shipment status and i saw my purchase page is empty.are you kiddin me?

  16. Can only smile when their announcements state that SOME users MAY have been affected, when we all know it’s pretty much ALL users have been affected.

  17. Ebay have now switched the call centres off, tried to contact them no online option or option for a call back, just told they have difficulties try later and goodbye

  18. We seem to be back up, but we are missing orders that were placed between 10.25 and 10.34.

    We have emails notifications and they appear in our 3rd party software, but not in my Ebay.


  19. Telling us it’s down yet again is not very useful.

    Actually finding out why it’s down so often of late would be far more useful.

  20. They have at least made some attempt at an explanation, namely a fault at one of their data centres. Claiming all fixed by 10.55.

    Slightly better in terms of fessing up and fixing faults since last time.

    But the $64,000 question is this:

    Why do the faults keep happening, Ebay ???

  21. Absolutely crazy how many issues Ebay have had this year. If you compare it to Amazon, which we also sell on, then the difference is staggering. They can’t just be being unlucky all the time, must be something systemic

  22. Andy R, you probably answered your own question without realising. The fault was at ONE of their data centres. Exactly the problem. Any robust and coherent IT system does not allow a failure at 1 location to bring down the whole system. There should be duplication and built in redundancy so this can never happen. A data centre goes down? Then just bring the parallel centre online, and problem solved. Ebay clearly can’t do this, and admitted as much after one of the previous outages.

    Don’t know if anyone else saw this, but one of the screens during the outage showed a banner proclaiming the official introduction of Ebay Business Policies which was something they trialled about 9 months ago.

  23. No sales of messages for almost two hours yesterday morning.

    unfortunately it was pre 12pm otherwise we could have gone to the pub 🙁

  24. Pages are not responding when I try to sell on eBay. Using Chrome and tried incognito also. DowndetectorUK is also showing a spike in prolems

  25. Unable to Edit Listings on Ebay. Must be Monday Morning Syndrome again….
    Noticed new style log in page this morning too.

  26. eBay (13min wait) say they aware of the problems. Only known work around is to use a mobile to list.

  27. If you have access to Selling Manager that seems to be showing details of orders. I haven’t tried listing anything though.

    The whole eBay site is an utterly unreliable shambles, it’s about time they applied a 6 month moratorium on any further (mostly unwanted) changes and spent the time making what they already have work efficiently and reliably.

  28. Thankfully I’m not an ebay seller, but my wife said there were problems last night too. She wasn’t able to place bids…what a shambles!

  29. Unable to edit listings here this morning. Had to completely pull one listing down that had a quantity error in it.

  30. can’t list BIN using relist or sell similar, will the last person left turn off the lights if ebay haven’t managed to do that as well, beyond words, beyond a joke, anchor shop going going…nearly gone

  31. Ebay should be renamed to Muppet Bay. How many times has Ebay been down in the last 6 months ?


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