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Wine Bottle GlasseBay have published a video showcasing the great inventory from eBay’s Christmas shop that shows what people are buying every hour on eBay.

We’ll leave you to watch the video, but I’ve found the perfect novelty gift for wine lovers on eBay. Why have a glass of wine when you know you’ve going to drink the whole bottle anyway? How about a that saves you the chore of topping up?

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  1. um..still waiting to see a tv ad from ebay – lots of paypal ads (doubtless to prep the market for the sell off) so whats happened to ‘our biggest ever global campaign’.

  2. Hello, we’re investing in our brand campaign this Christmas through digital and out-of-home as we think these are the right channels to maximise the return on investment for our sellers. Next year the campaign will continue and we will adjust the mix of channels to ensure we get the best value from our spend. Hope this helps clarify our plans. By way of introduction, I manage some of our PR programmes including product PR (which has successfully placed 60 sellers’ inventory in national and lifestyle media this year) and our media relations press office.

  3. Thats a really poor way to go around saying things James. We appreciate eBays input on this site. Statements like that will bring an end to it. A bit of thinking before typing wouldn’t go a miss.

  4. Hello. Both personally and professionally I stand by the accuracy of our statements on this issue and feel they fully reflect our position. As such I have nothing further to add on the subject. I read Tamebay and our discussion boards every day, and will certainly chip in as and when I can to help clarify or explain areas within my responsibility.

  5. Steve H. While you are on could I bring to your attention a couple of points that concern me. I am a Coin Collector amongst other things. I regularly buy coins on ebay. Most of the coins are genuine that are listed but there are a number of plated and layered coins that can only really be described as Forgeries. Yet they are openly listed on ebay.

    UK Coins such as Gold Sovereigns and Britannias which can be either Gold or Silver are mainly minted for the Collector or for the Investment Markets. But they do have a Legal Tender in the UK monetary system. Although you would be unlikely to take say a 1 ounce Silver Britannia to the corner shop to buy anything because the legal tender is only £2 well below their silver value.

    So a copy a silver plated forgery really is not a coin but it shows £2 on it and also quotes that it contains the same silver content as the genuine coin. Yet ebay allows this rubbish to be openly on sale. Could I ask you to have a word with who ever is the right person about getting these forgeries off ebay.

    Indeed as it is not legally a coin surely it should be liable to the Hall Marking Act as it is only genuine coins that are exempt. So surely ebay should be looking at both aspects of these silver and gold plated forgeries being on sale on ebay.

    Also there are Certificates of Authenticity openly on sale on ebay. When a silver or gold coin is produced for the Collectors Market it often has a Certificate which shows such as its metal content etc. However that certificate is for that specific coin. Yet there are many certificates on sale on ebay with no coin. So they could be bought and perhaps added to a standard issue of that coin.

    As an example the standard production version is Cupro Nickel but the collectors version is Silver or even Silver Proof. The dodgy bloke has a certificate that he has bought from ebay and he adds it to the standard issue and sells it on. Could I ask ebay to have a look at this.

  6. Gifts and sharing brings smiles to all.. Ebay’s advertisement just brightens your heart and soul with just the thought. Great ad and spreads the joy of giving. Merry Christmas!

  7. Just call eBay about this. Tamebay is not the way to do this. I have had several issues that I have called eBay with in the past and using the call back feature its so easy.


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