Gmail users in the UK can now use Google Wallet

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It’s been a long time coming but some beady-eyed tech types have noticed that Google Wallet is now available for Gmail users in the UK over 18.

The system means that Google mail users can send and receive money from their desktop and the recipient doesn’t even need to have a Gmail account.

For more details on how the system works and how to sign up and start using the system, find out more here.

As it stands this system really is currently geared for person-to-person payments and use between people who know each other. So at the moment is doesn’t have an apparent ecommerce use in a commercial setting. But that could easily change in future.

If you want to find out more about how the system works, check out this video published in 2013.

4 Responses

  1. the main reason UK users (may) want google wallet, is to facilitate the tap-to-pay NFC built into their phones (if you’re outside the minority who’s mobile network or bank offers this service).
    i was desperately trying to enable this when i got my phone, nearly two years ago now, and nobody wanted to provide it to me.
    now 2 years later i’m past caring, and the bank just sent me a contactless card last week, which i dont even want any more.

  2. How odd, I’m sure they closed Google Wallet last year (or the year before – I can’t remember) for people in the UK. I used to use it on my website, but they closed it, and I had to revert to just using PayPal. Does this mean I can enable it on my website again, or is it just for email transactions only?


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