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FilmDaniel Bales is the founder of Sharp Eye Animation, a company who produce animated videos with professional voice overs. Today Daniel discusses how video can help you sell a product or service and why you should be using them:

As our lives become increasingly more complex and busy, using video to sell a product has become a powerful tool that all eBusinesses can benefit from. Incorporating video on your site often leads to an increase in conversions and search engine improvements.

Reasons why adding video can help you sell more online

They Increase Conversions

By using video to provide a quick and indepth view of a product or demonstration, eBusinesses can extinguish any hesitancy would be customers might have about purchasing online. Peace of mind from a video transforms the way he or she feels about the brand and website overall, which builds trust and credibility. This is especially important for businesses that sell products in a highly competitive market.

They capture your attention

Videos are a onestopshop for information. They have the power of getting across a ton of information without forcing users to navigate, scroll, and click to access info. You can even strike an emotional cord and subconsciously tell them how they should feel about the item and your company.

Google Loves Video

No conversation about eBusiness is complete without discussing search engine optimization (SEO). Today, eBusinessses that utilize video assets are at an advantage since Google structures its search results to prioritize sites with video. Furthermore, because Google displays “blended search” results (a mix of video, image, news, maps, and other mediums in addition to regular search results), if you optimize your videos properly they’ll have a better chance of ranking well. Here are two easy ways to encourage Google to rank your video:

1) Google owns YouTube so as you’d expect many videos that rank well are hosted on YouTube. Hosting your video on YouTube and embedding it on your site gives you an automatic head start on video SEO.

2) When you name your video make the title relevant with appropriate keywords. Don’t forget to include keywords in the file name, description and tags

Are you using video on your site? What results have you found?


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