IKEA Wireless chargers, hiding in plain sight

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This week is Mobile World Congress, and so far we’ve seen the launch of the Samsung Galaxy 6, 6 Edge and Gear VR and the NFC enabled PayPal Here mobile payment device. What I wasn’t expecting to see was that IKEA is now moving into mobile technology in a big way!

IKEA Mobile Wireless Charging Lamp wd

Carphone Warehouse explained saying “So far at MWC the manufacturers’ announcements have shown us that they are no longer focusing on just smartphones, but instead creating a suite of products and accessories that bring us closer than ever to a lifestyle that is truly connected, with mobile at the core. Consumers want a technology experience that is personalised to how they live their lives and the advancements announced this weekend certainly speak to this need”.

IKEA wireless chargers hiding in plain sightThat’s where Swedish home furnishing retailer IKEA steps in, they’ve become the first in the UK to launch a revolutionary range of furniture with built in wireless charging spots, helping people stay constantly connected and making charging your smartphone at home more convenient.

The range, part of a long-term commitment called Home Smart, marks a giant leap forward in creating the home of the future by making mobile phone charging accessible and more discreet.

The newly released range features a selection of products with integrated charging pads for every room in the house, including floor, table and work lamps, two bedside tables, and a selection of charging pads to add to any office space.

IKEA JYSSEN wireless chargerAs well as pre-made products, for those who enjoy unique and tailored options the JYSSEN wireless charger can be fitted wherever needed, and will also fit snugly into the cable outlet of IKEA desks. If you’re manufacturing furniture this could be an excellent optional extra to set your products aside from the competition.

Created, developed and designed in IKEA’s central design hub at their Global HQ in Älmhult, Sweden, the wireless range is designed to blend seamlessly into every space in the home, ensuring the aesthetics aren’t compromised whilst also helping keep every device charged. The lack of cables helps keep rooms tidy and saves space whilst hiding ports in plain sight, meaning chargers will never be lost again.

The range also includes the NORDMÄRKE wireless charging pad with three ports that is ideal for office spaces or families where multiple devices can be charged at the same time.

For those phones that don’t support the wireless charging standard (QI), IKEA will also sell has also added a selection of wireless charging covers for iPhone 4, 5/5S, 6 and Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5. Every product also comes with a USB outlet for charging additional devices.

For the last forty years of the 1900s, Tomorrow’s World promised us many innovations, most of which we’re still waiting for. Today however technology really is starting to change and rather than discreet products which have one function, furniture has just become the next must have upgrade alongside the purchase of your next mobile phone.

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  1. Interested in this, I was an early adopter of Windows Lumia phones and wireless charging is the reason that the charging port hasn’t worn out and necessitated a new phone each 25 months like ALL the previous phones I’ve had before.

    I will check the charging spec of my next Lumia 930 and get one of this put in my desk at work.



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