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International Returns are a problem for all sellers. It’s easy to get a courier contract to ship to multiple international locations. What’s not easy is to get similar pricing for one off returns from a multitude of countries.

This is a problem that’s starting to affect all sellers. Firstly consumers oversees will often just go to their local Post Office to send a parcel incurring a hefty cost and secondly sites like Amazon are starting to insist that sellers pay the return costs unless they have an returns address in each country they sell to.

Scott GalvaoTo solve this problem InterCultural Elements have launched a solution to help. We asked Scott Galvao, Managing Director of InterCultural Elements to tell us more about how they can assist with International Returns and also handle all the customer service communications in your consumers native languages:

InterCultural Elements Global Returns

With a name like InterCultural Elements (ICE), we naturally get many questions about how we help sellers expand sales worldwide, but never before has a single inquiry been asked more frequently than: How do we deal with international returns?

This problem has become more acute with Amazon’s new seller requirement to provide a local returns address in each country you sell in. Unfortunately, standard solutions are costly and time-consuming. A seller can 1) pay for returns, 2) find separate return solutions for each country or 3) do nothing and get suspended.

Luckily, none of these need to happen to you. InterCultural Elements’ ICE Global Returns solves the problem conveniently and affordably. It’s simple:

InterCultural Elements International Returns

And to ensure you provide the same high quality customer service you do your domestic buyers, ICE Global Returns can work hand-in-hand with our in-house, multilingual Customer Service to ensure native speaking staff tend to your growing foreign sales.

InterCultural Elements is your one-stop solution for international returns and customer service. Contact us today for your complete Global Returns solution!

13 Responses

  1. This is great to see, a badly needed service especially with Amazon reqs to have a local return address.

    I just hope the service is available and more than a fact finding mission, see ZigZag Feb post.

  2. I spoke to ICE yesterday and I think it’s a good solution to an issue that was holding us back from selling on the international Amazon marketplaces.
    When selling shoes online a customer often orders 2 or 3 of the same style but in different sizes – just to be sure. They keep the right size then send the others back. If we had attempted to sell on a European Amazon site we would be picking up the tab for quite a few international returns – especially if a customer knew they could return for free. And setting up an office in each European market to solve this is out of the question. So we scrubbed plans for international Amazon expansion.
    However this has now come along and will allow us to go forth and do with Amazon what we have been doing with eBay for the last year.
    What I didn’t know was that this service is not only open to Amazon returns but returns from other channels too which will be a great selling point for European customers deliberating whether to buy from our eBay sites or from our website. Live in Spain and are unsure as to what it would cost if you wanted to return an eBay item bought from a UK seller? Worry no more! As long as you know how much it costs to post returns to addresses in your own country then you should be happy to buy. Increased sales? Hopefully more than the increased returns 🙂

    Straight advertising piece? If it is then I’m not fussed as it is relevant to what I do and what I was wanting to do so this could be one of those “good” adverts that you wanted to see.

  3. I would highly recommend this company from speaking with them, they have real people to speak to on the phone, they are not pushy sales people, they understand the meaning of customer service in my opinion, they politely called me back a couple of months later as promised to further discuss our business progress, really appear to be a well run company, unlike another well known translation service / automatic translation service which i do not need to name.

  4. We’ve dealt with ICE a few times and they are nothing but professional. Highly recommended!


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