Problems with PayPal reported today

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We’ve had several reports from UK users about problems with PayPal today.

Firstly, it seems like email notifications aren’t working and sellers aren’t receiving details of payments received. It seems like these stopped working at about 7am BST this morning.

Secondly, we have several received reports of money not being recorded as paid into PayPal accounts. Although this seems less widespread, it seems to be happening to some.

Thirdly, it seems like PayPal phone support is currently overwhelmed and users are saying that they are struggling to get through to a support rep.

PayPal have acknowledged the phone line problem on Twitter:

We’ve asked PayPal for a comment.

Have you been affected by any of these problems on PayPal today?

26 Responses

  1. We’ve been affected by this.

    Paypal payment notifications stopped dead about 7am this morning and no funds have been added to the account, despite items being paid on Ebay and other sites.

    Have tried contacting paypal business support, but when you get through it goes straight to music without even telling you are on hold.

    Unsurprisingly, nobody picks up.

    Strange coincidence that some banks are having probs today as well.

    Are the North Koreans up to their tricks again?

  2. Only one payment affected so far.

    I can see that the item is marked as sold and paid for in eBay and in PayPal but no email notification..


  3. Also seems to be spreading to Ebay sales email notifications too.

    Are we headed for another meltdown ???

  4. Have just checked pay pal account money has gone from there but I have not received email from pay pal

  5. I have just had money from my account to someone that I have not done been on hold for 30 mins already trying to get through

  6. I received an email saying I had sent Money to a Omir Salim i know I have not sent this money so it must be be a fake email has anyone else had scam emails , I can’t get intouch with PayPal , so a bit worried

  7. Paypal notification emails from 9am this morning are just starting to come through now for me.

  8. Been waiting for a payment to come through and to get through to PayPal since yesterday.
    Probably still be waiting next week

  9. Seems i have paid microsoft luxembourg 2 transactions on 10th May and 17th June both for 5.99. No idea what this is for. Possible scam

  10. I’ve received an email supposedly from paypal saying they’ delimited access to my account and asking for information to verify account. needless to say I haven’t done anything as I’m assuming i’ts a scam.

  11. PayPal paid notifications stopped coming through promptly from Saturday 13th June. Seem to be intermittent now, some come immediately I have a sale and others seem to take several hours. As for the scam PayPal emails, yes they continue. As long as you are vigilant and never open anything in email and always go to your PayPal account to check you are safe.

  12. Why am I not able to use pay pal for paying for items from eBay was able to yesterday

  13. Paypal payment emails are taking between 5 and 9 hours (almost to the minute) to come through here.

    Also when I log into my Paypal account it keeps reverting to the horrible new layout no matter how many times I try to change it back to ‘classic view’.

  14. Tried to pay £80 from my Paypal account into my bank account and it’s stuck on ‘pending’ yet two further payments out have gone straight through.

  15. I have had these PayPal / Ebay issues for over a week now & it still continues.

    I first noticed this on the June 9th, when ebay took 6 hours to send me notifications of ‘sold & paid for’ on some items. The emails from Paypal didn’t arrive for several hours after that. When I checked my paypal account, the payment time was logged 6 hours after the buyer actually paid for them. This meant some items with same day dispatch offered, didn’t get dispatched until the following day.

    Since then all my emails for payments from paypal have been taking several hours to be sent by them.

    I am still waiting for several emails now from todays paypal payments that were paid hours ago.

    I wish they would get their act together…

  16. I moved from IRELAND to the UK some months ago and despite many attempts at changing/editing my address on my profile I am unable to change the Country from IRELAND to UK.The street /town/county is recorded but the COUNTRY cannot be changed. How do I go about doing this?

  17. ii have been waiting for a refund from Hush Hush who say they have refunded their end but nothing through to my account.

  18. Personally I think that we are all now too dependent on I.T. I have two businesses that trade on line. Both use Paypal, and one also trades on ebay.Both have been affected. If you solely rely on this form of selling (and a lot of people do) you are wide open to these sort of issues.
    What compounds these pressures are the stranglehold that the big multi-nationals have on us. Ebay, Amazon, Paypal and Adwords for example. I run professional and ethical businesses, but am only too aware that any of these companies could pull the rug from under my feet if I haven’t dotted all the i’s and crossed all the T’s and jumped through all of their respective hoops.
    We are all on-line traders, and just like High street shops we have our own set of issues to deal with on a daily basis.
    Don’t let anyone ever tell you that E-tailing is easy. It isn’t!

  19. Happened with my latest 9 Ebay sold items, only got the notification from Ebay, there’s no record of payments on Paypal nor does the items appear on the Activity page. All the customers provided me with a transaction ID.

  20. Paypal payments not showing up this morning. Blocked bidder was able to bid on 2 listings last night. A mess…


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