Myhermes 0-1kg parcel price reduction

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MyHermes has announced a price change for parcels you send with them that weigh less than 1kg. A short email sent to merchants reads:

“Price Change Effective Today for 0-1kg Parcels
As of today, Monday 5th October, the price for sending a 0-1kg parcel using myHermes ParcelShops is £2.17 (Ex VAT) or £2.60 (inc VAT). This price still includes £25 compensation and is effective immediately.”

One seller who go in contact and called the reduction a “Royal Mail Destroyer” and whilst that remains to be seen, it’s certainly a very attractive price. The price isn’t yet reflected on the MyHermes website as far as I can see but as the email says, the price is effective from today. To put the price into perspective, on Royal Mail rack rate for a standard 1kg parcel second class will set you back £2.80 but the size restrictions are smaller and that’s totally untracked.


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  1. Now live on the website (for me at least)

    Royal Mail still have the ‘up to 2kg’ offer for £2.80 but this is still a very tempting deal.

  2. Additionally, unless I missed it previously, the 2-5Kg price has crept up slightly to £5.79 on the pricing chart, as has 5-10Kg now at £7.49.
    Both still vastly less than Parcelforce at the counter mind.

  3. It’s great news for once!
    We use the CRL code on Snail Mail OBA and that comes at £2.495 so now myhermes is just over 10p dearer but comes tracked with compensation.
    And the claim procedure is easy unlike the laborious Royal Mail hassle fest.

  4. Shame myhermes do not cater better for people doing high volume postage. When I contacted them about using an API to generate our labels they did not have one.

  5. If you are having problems getting a API why not try Connects MyHermes (you will need a account with them for it to connect) and Royal Mail. We have been useing it for a month now and it saves so much time and is a lot easier to use.

  6. MyHermes are one of the better courier companies as they rely on people with small vehicles for the last couple of miles who tend to pack their vehicles very carefully (because they need to unload in a specific order on their round).

    However, I still have a couple of issues with them.

    Apart from taxi drivers who work for MH to fill in their quite periods, I do wonder how many of their drivers have proper business car insurance.

    Also, their staff will not receive anything like the benefits (such as a pension scheme, or even holiday) that Post Office employees have – I doubt that many of their drivers earn anything close to the minimum wage.

    However, MH have put a rocket up Royal Mail. RM’s first reaction when parcel delivery became the mainstay of their business was not to embrace it with cheap tracking, but instead it was to introduce multiple size restrictions and weight band in order to make things as complicated as possible for the average punter. RM used to be part of the civil service, and they still have a civil service mentality.

    RM still have the best delivery network, but they are being dragged kicking and screaming into the 20th Century, never mind the 21st Century.

  7. 1 its the tracking that’s important – RM’s 15 days (or whatever) till ‘lost’ is contemptuous

    2 fuel costs have fallen – so should transport prices

  8. Problem with this service is you can get surcharges, if a parcel is 950-990 grams, you can randomly get surcharged for 1.2 KG for example, and the terms mean you can dispute it.

    We have 500 of a single sku in stock for certain items, so its important to know the weight with packing.

    However we were forced to use the 2kg service for these parcels, as it was just too much hassle to dispute or hermes simply could not be bothered.

  9. MY Weigh – ship ultra 35, are my scales and also bang on the same as the RM / PO scales,

    again decent scales and a good quality ABS plastic “size guide” have paid for themselves many times.

    approx £40 iirc


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