eBay is currently experiencing site problems

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We’ve received several reports from eBay users that they’re having bother using the eBay site. It looks like a fairly widespread problem and seems to be affecting different aspects of the eBay website. What are you seeing?

Plenty of people are reporting the problem via Downdetector.

Downdetector ebay

One seller has been in contact saying that buyers can’t pay, another says that they cannot access My eBay and others are reporting a 70245 error.

This comes on top of site problems that eBay experienced the weekend before last that we reported on Tamebay.

Are you experiencing similar problems?

The last thing that any ecommerce seller needs at this peak time of year is a marketplace having significant difficulties. More than that. If eBay can’t cope on nothing Wednesday. How will it cope on Friday and Monday which are prefixed Black and Cyber respectively and are just days away?

34 Responses

  1. I’ve had problems all day on iOS – Blackberry and Android – all says APTI Token error then kick me off. I sign back in and browse but anything account based – even checking feedback results in immeadiate Sign Out.

  2. Its ebays head in the sand patronising response & denial that really worry us
    Dont admit to a problem there is none to fix

  3. inbox crashing.
    “message not retrieved from server” errors.
    random hangs and lags.
    looping to homepage.
    search results being oddly filtered.

  4. Reports of errors all across the board from my e-commerce friends. This is happening on an all too regular basis.

  5. Have been unable to list items this afternoon plus it would appear some customers are experiencing problems paying.

  6. Can’t revise listings
    Returns screen not working
    Payment, postage and returns policys missing
    Clicking on a live listing gives an error:

    This listing (**********) has been removed, or this item isn’t available.

    Please check that you’ve entered the correct item number
    Listings that have ended 90 or more days ago won’t be available for viewing.

    Basically its all ruined. Now just getting a page not responding message on everything.

    The only thing that seems to be working is the transaction defect report. Ironic don’t you think.

  7. We have had customers complaining about checking out. Error 70005 and “not available” frequently. Very poor sales day. The worst time for this to happen.

  8. I wonder if this is another ISP / DNS routing issue?

    I’m accessing the site from an office in London, and have no problems searching for items, looking at My eBay, and more.


  9. its intermittent, and not exactly crippling. cant use the site for five minutes, then its fine for the next five.

  10. Remember Ratners ??
    eBay is fast becoming the new Ratners
    They are so out of touch with their customers it’s unbelievable
    They want us CUSTOMERS to jump through hoops while their own hoops have become squares
    All of these changes, tweaks, rules etc have NOT resulted in an increase in sales, all it has done is make the site unstable and their constant condescending arrogant faceless replies is forcing decent sellers away
    Lose a seller means you lose a buyer too

  11. Ditto to the above regarding messages, revisions and not being able to find items.

    It looks like yesterdays eBay shit’s were prescient!

  12. All of our Shop listings are visible in search results, yet when the customer clicks on the gallery photo, it says ‘Item ****** is no longer available’

    Excellent, not had a single order since 11:00 and would have usually had around 20 in by now.

    ‘Slow Hand Clap’

    I doubt ebay would ever confess if they’ve been hacked, but it seems like Amazon are the big winners today, on the busiest week of the year. Surely no coincidence is it?

  13. We cannot revise any of our items, neither can we make any purchases on ebay. This seems to happen way more than it should, terrible on a week like this as well. Let’s hope they get it sorted asap..!

  14. ….and back on again.
    No sales though – Superb another fine mess.

    Is it me or is this happening way too often this year?

  15. When trying to revise a item it says
    “Congratulations, you’ve successfully registered as an eBay seller”
    We are selling in ebay for years now !!!
    Ebay has become a unreliable platform now .All this IT staff should be fired straight away .Way too many times this is happening .

  16. If you look at the overview of previous problems on downdetector, you’ll see there’s been something or other almost every day for the past fortnight – not on the same scale as today, but still problems which could all add up to buyers taking their money somewhere else.

  17. I finally make a sale and the buyer on ebay.fr has emailed me saying he cant pay for it due to error messages. Classic!

  18. Surely more noteworthy news will be when the eBay platform actually works?

    This has been happening on and off for months on top of site glitches that never seem to get fixed. I wonder sometimes what eBay do with all their money as very little seems to be spent on the platform or on meaningful advertising.

  19. Don’t worry, eBay will have your back. If you had auctions finishing they will automatically cancel them and let you relist or will sort out a goodwill compensation for you in listing credits or maybe waive the FVF on affected auctions. NOT! It will be more a case of more fool you for listing with them.

  20. Well eBay have announced that the issues are resolved, but they’re not. I’ve just tried to use the bulk sell similar feature and I got an error message, something about the application causing an internal error, so it didn’t upload all the listings.

    On the ones that did work, the gallery images aren’t showing.

    Sales are down the pan since yesterday too.

  21. loads of issues yesterday. When visiting ebay shops items all showing no stock yet go direct to item via search and ok. Couldn’t pay for anything, bulk editor wont work if you try and do more than one listing – plus it still hasnt been updated with new categories when i tried to change some of mine! Various other timeout, page not available and dns errors…
    Ebay… a joke is supposed to be funny…


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