Tamebay Black Friday visit to myHermes

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With Black Friday just hours away, we though it would be interesting to take a look at how couriers are gearing up to handle the increased traffic levels.

myHermes were kind enough to invite us up to their Warrington depot, which earlier this year had a second tier of conveyor belts added to increase their capacity. They can now handle up to 1,000,000 parcels per day.

As always seeing inside an operation like this is fascinating, and whilst the video gives a flavour of the business, in real life it’s immense. Trucks arrive one side of the building, parcels progress through the system, largely without human intervention with the exception of the loading and unloading and that in itself is a mammoth undertaking – it can take an entire shift just to unload a single trailer load of parcels!

Many thanks to myHermes for inviting us behind the scenes to see their operation:

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  1. Good to see my parcels getting thrown about on to the trailers. For all the stick MyHermes get thou I very rarely have damaged or lost parcels from them thou.

  2. For all the automation and frisbee throwing it is the last mile that causes most issues. Any decent seller will package the item to make it frisbee throwing proof. If they don’t then they deserve all the ebay defects that come their way. Why do you think couriers won’t ship glass or won’t insure it against loss if you do?

  3. Great video, thanks

    I loved the part where the parcels seem to jump off the belt themselves down the slide at 2:00!!!

    Although the chap at 2:45 looks like he was less than happy being caught on film…..


  4. I notice this has been edited to remove the guy chucking the parcels behind him like confetti. Let’s just hope the original footage is being used as a training video (on how NOT to do it) now!

  5. Frankly, the amazing thing is that anyone believes Royal Mail or other couriers DON’T throw stuff around too! How on earth would they get the job done? Nevertheless, it always warrants restating – quality packaging and common sense are a must.

    Other than that, you’ve got to tip your hat to these guys. Aside from the odd mishap (and even then their loss refund process puts RM to shame), can you seriously even begin to imagine the logistics, complexity, maintenance let alone start-up costs involved in such an enterprise.

    Credit where it’s (almost always) due.

  6. Yes the video was edited and we did see it before the edit. Couldn’t care less. I had a little giggle when I seen the guy throwing the packages. However, it was very clear that these were very light packages and some would be clothing.

    There are 2 options here.

    1: Have all couriers individually hand place every item and say goodbye to express delivery.

    2: Pack your products well. packaging is not just a container for handling the goods. Its protection for them also.

    We receive some packages from companies that is just awful. It results in damages and also it gives a bad impression. First impressions are important.

    Problem solved. In my opinion!

  7. 8 hours to unload a trailer! Could fix that easily by fitting hydraulic rams at the front of the trailer. When it arrives at the depot, tip the parcels straight onto the conveyer (need a funnel shaped channel thing to direct the parcels).

    Could go a stage further and have trap doors on top of the trailer for loading. Open the doors, run the end of the conveyor over the trailer, and drop those suckers straight in (suitably packaged of course).

  8. I’d like to use Hermes but trying to get them to reply to email request for an account is like trying to travel to the moon

  9. I have a problem with the delivery side of things at my door,

    hermes have in the past month or so.

    1. tracking says delivered and left on porch, so i look at my CCTV and theres noone approaching house. email them and they say will be delivered 2 days later, why lie! and say its left when it wasnt.

    and 2. there couriers have a habit of knocking quietly once, or ringing bell once, and as im opening the door, they are already back out onto street, leaving me shouting them back – given my office is 2 rooms away from the front door, they must be quick, knock once and run, so they dont have to deliver!

  10. Seems dodgy that the video had the packages being thrown, then was edited to take it out with no mention of it. Hits the credibility of the reporting a lot. Likely was after a message from Hermes asking for that favour.

    I don’t think it’s that bad to throw small light weight packages to the top of a pile, but it looks bad to erase the fact then make no mention/reply about it.


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