eBay to remove defects weekly for flood affected deliveries

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RainDue to the recent and continued risk of flooding in the North of England and Scotland, there may well be ongoing disruption to delivery services in these areas. There has also been flooding in areas of Northern Ireland and with more rain due on Wednesday evening the situation could worsen.

eBay have said that transactions affected by these events won’t impact your seller performance. eBay will in line with their Defect Removal Policies in the UK and Ireland. In such cases, you’re protected even if you haven’t posted items using a tracked service.

Have you seen much impact from shipments destined for areas recently affected by the flooding? Have you sent orders to flooded areas or, as is sadly more likely, buying on the Internet is the least of the people’s priorities.

8 Responses

  1. the mail must get thru seems very evident up here,in wet and windy scotland, we think royal mail posties should get a big thank you

  2. Delayed deliveries now mean automatic defect. No longer all linked to buyer feedback. Buyers won’t leave feedback as they either have far greater priorities or have underwater internet. Sellers will still receive defect though if delivery does not arrive in eBay’s pre-determined timeframe.

  3. Good luck trying to get any late delivery defects removed. Ebay CS are now refusing to remove such defects even when tracking shows items accepted at post office within sellers despatch time. I was told (incorrectly) by ebay CS today not only does item have to be posted on time, it also has to arrive on time to avoid a late delivery defect!! Many seller are going to lose TRS through no fault of their own. Ebay CS are giving out information that directly contradicts their own policy and awarding late delivery defects to sellers that have done nothing wrong.

  4. Of far more concern to sellers is the reduction in the pool of buyers bidding resulting in lower prices for auctions and reduced traffic and sales for BINS. Could be up to 10% reduction or maybe more. This surely has to outweigh any talk of defect removal. The only winners are those who sell dehumidifiers, floor coverings, furniture and home entertainment (not before properties are fit for habitation of course so some time downstream) and you have to ask yourself if ebay are going to be the first port of call for such items?


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