eBay UK January Pricing Promo for Private sellers

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eBay UK currently have a January pricing promo underway that’s available to private selling account based in the UK.

Until the end of the month, you can benefit from zero insertion fees on BINs and auctions as long as you meet the various criteria as laid out on the relevant page which you can find here.

One Response

  1. Better late than never I suppose – this was featured on ecommercebytes on 28th December – and it doesn’t hurt to remind those casual sellers who may have forgotten about it.
    The usual suspects on the ebay discussion boards were hoping that any private seller who made use of this promo to list a thousand or more items, would be encouraged by ebay to become a business seller.
    The problem of course comes in differentiating between those who can be genuine private sellers and list a thousand or more individual postcards, stamps, comics etc from a lifetime of collecting, and those running a small business – wouldn’t it be easier if ebay.co.uk abolished the two different categories and just had ‘sellers’ as they do on ebay.com ?


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